Reform fever gripping Iraq

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Reform is the new title that tops the attention of the Iraqis, and enthusiastic about him these days, rulers and ruled alike, parliamentarians, ministers and citizens, demonstrators and religious references, all of a sudden, he started all playing the chord reform and calls for the fight against corruption and the corrupt and cleanse the government of them institutions, popular demonstrations swept the streets of the capital calling for reform and out religious references silence government also demanded reform, has not gone unnoticed politicians and statesmen of the new scene and turned magically into reformers and demanded their part to reform and cropping of corruption and corrupt though they bear the bulk of the rampant corruption in the country apocalyptic devastation, and irony is that most of the those politicians who stand up now for reform and demanding appoint ministers, agents and managers procurators “technocrats” and the expulsion of the ancients and brought to trial on charges of corruption, they or members of the bloc are involved mainly with corruption and are wanted for the integrity Commission, and on top of them, “Muqtada al-Sadr,” which established a minimum and did not Iqadha on (Haider al-Abadi) to make radical reforms and quick on the government, and gave him an initiative between the reformist and the finest accept them or to invade the green Zone and imposed by force! , Although it involved a parliamentary bloc, a strong (34 seats out of 328 seats) and the three ministers and hundreds of agents Minister and Almadraouaamon, as was the case for “Ammar al-Hakim,” the President of the Supreme Islamic Council, which put on “Abadi” roadmap for reform “cross-sectarian and nationalist” and gave him four proposals to choose one of them; either to nominate “replacements for current prime minister, or resign from the presidency of the Council of Ministers and the formation of independent government or resign from the membership of the Dawa party and the cost is the formation of independent government, or to form a private Overnmhjdidh his party” Dawa Party, “and assumes he and his party full responsibility and all the rest of the blocks go to practice the role of the opposition in parliament. “ And sage are also 30 seats in parliament and three ministers as well as dozens of other senior positions is also instrumental in the situation has become in Alarac..olm not, “Haider al-Abadi” himself entrusted with the task of reform is immune from what hit the country, he was one of the corners of the old regime through Traosh Finance Committee in parliament before it is set in the post of prime minister instead of “Nuri al-Maliki,” who was toppled Bh..oberoa did not choose, “Abadi” reform and tackling corruption right decision because it was calculated on the political system range to be changed, which is partly to come to an end ..
Leaders and other leaders did not want to lag behind behind and emerged in a hot scene and demanded (Abadi) also fixes but not in part an overhaul, but a comprehensive reform such as “Nuri al-Maliki” does not settle for no less than that! While only the Minister of Higher Education (Hussain al-Shahristani) to conduct reform in his ministry only, and forgot that he is accused of receiving a large bribe when he was the minister of oil, according to the website (Fairfax Media) and the Australian newspaper (Havenkton Post US) ..
Reform on Baghdad infection was not limited, but moved to Kurdistan where he announced (Msaudbarzana) for reforms package to cope with the financial crisis experienced by the province and by the blockade imposed by Baghdad since two years, and falling oil prices, requires a review of “all property and funds officials and persons affiliated to his party and return them to the treasury of the province in the event of illegally collected or seized.
Despite the passage of more than two months on the announcement said nothing has changed on the ground, not a single lawsuit filed against one of his party cadres Almtnfein did Integrity Commission in the region are moving one step in this direction ..
And to the surprise of observers and surprise in the midst of the hysterical calls that invaded Iraq, it did not emerge any name from the ranks of the protesters as leaders and leaders, while emerged as the names of the leaders who were part of the existing political system and the cornerstone of the staff,! .. This means that the poles of the current government tried to ride wave in order to absorb the resentment of demonstrators and Tahedoh growing and distortion of the mass demonstrations of the real goal and directed to serve the interests and lengthen the period of rule conditions.!
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