Director of Information in the Iranian Oil Ministry’s “Khandan”: Iran and the Kurdistan region agree to export oil



Khandan – Iranian officials have reached with their counterparts from the Kurdistan region to the first agreement on the export of the Kurdistan region’s oil to Iran through two border crossings.

Revealed media director at the Iranian Oil Ministry, Dr. Akbar enjoyed a darn in a special and exclusive for “Khandan” all Iranian officials agreed with officials from the Kurdistan region is first on the export of oil province through two border crossings to Iran a statement, adding that the move would contribute oil in strengthening bilateral relations between the Kurdistan region and Iran, revealing that the biggest strides this step will follow in the future.

He said media director in the Iranian Oil Ministry, Dr. biggest darn basked in the context of his statement to “Khandan” The export of the Kurdistan region’s oil to Iran will be made by the perpetrators, “Pervez Khan” and “Haj Omran” pillars.

He revealed that Iran is responsible for the Kurdistan region Samay in the near term to export large quantities of crude oil to Iran following the signing of the Iranian Oil Ministry officials and the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan region, the agreement formally.

And Dr. biggest basked darn that the Kurdistan region’s oil export to Iran will be by tankers as a first step, and then will talk about the pipeline to export oil to Iran, noting that the dialogue between the two sides is still continuing to reach a final agreement in this regard.



Kurdish lawmaker: We support the initiative of the Supreme Council, which wants to bring the country out of the critical situation

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said MP from the Kurdistan Alliance Fares Alpfirkana, that we appreciate and support the ISCI initiative that you want to bring the country out of the critical situation.

He Alpfirkana told {Euphrates News} on Tuesday that “every initiative issued by the Iraqi national authorities appreciate and support them, but there are principles and constants must Angflha, including the democratic political process built on the basis of political blocs, each bloc known size in the Iraqi street, and all bloc got a certain maturity in government, you should be positions divided by him, and not be the next reforms go beyond these blocks. ” 

he added that” any initiative that keeps the political system let them compatibility; for the purpose of walking the political process forward. ” 

the initiative included a map road from two lanes to form a technocrat government of the country out of the critical situation that the reached him, and overcome the current political stalemate, and the preservation of the pillars of the political process, and coordination and cooperation among the various political forces. 

the road map put forward by Mr. Hakim include achieving mass and popular desire for qualitative changes in performance government in all his joints and at different levels of responsibility, as well as to maintain the constitutional and parliamentary legitimacy of the government, and to provide appropriate political covers are ; to help them to take significant and substantial steps, assigning parliamentarian and politician , great. 

and included the initiative on track , the first dealing with the current situation realistically Petrhidh, and Trchinh, and its rationalization, and prioritization, and continue to form a technocrat government, and the representation of the basic components participate in a government Altankoaqrat by giving them the right to nominate technocrats that was independent or politically to specific sites within the specifications and conditions set by the Prime Minister with the validity decide candidates, while suggesting the initiative to discuss the names submitted Katrchihat of by the Prime Minister, and retain those who represent the concept of technocrats, and they meet the specifications and nominations entrusted to him, and will be adopted by the political forces that have a relationship with the site candidate for him. 

the initiative also included in the track the first adoption of the ministers who introduced them in the recently proposed ministerial his booth, and the prime minister to open nominations for the positions of independent bodies, and senior diplomats, military leaders, without exception, and the closure of Altaaaat proxy vacancies file in all government sites, to have freedom of choice away from the political quota system interoperability, and by the constitutional policies in all government sites, and special grades with maintaining the balance the National . Ended h

Infallible and Maliki discuss expediting the completion of cabinet reshuffles

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[Wayne – Baghdad] 

Search President Fuad Masum , with the head of a coalition of state law , Nuri al – Maliki, repairs and modifications upcoming ministerial and ways to expedite completion.

According to a presidential statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the “infallible met with al-Maliki, and during the meeting to discuss developments in the political and security situation, in particular the reforms and amendments to the upcoming ministerial file, as well as ways to expedite the completion of the required reforms.”

Looking infallible with the reshuffle of the National Alliance bloc and the completion of reforms

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

President Fuad Masum , Baghdad met Tuesday with representatives of the National Alliance bloc in the House of Representatives and discussed with them the government amendments upcoming file stressing unnecessary promote dialogue and ways of expediting the reforms needed to ensure upholding the principle of citizenship and national unity. ”

The infallible during the meeting , according to a presidential statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, ” to continue his consultations with all parliamentary blocs and political forces of the relationship , ” and praised the “spirit of cooperation and mutual concern and efforts to overcome any difficulties and obstacles to access to solid understandings put the interests of Iraq the Iraqis in the first consideration, reiterating the need to defeat al Daash terrorist and tackle the economic crisis drastically. ” 

for their part , assured the representatives of the National parliamentary Alliance bloc diligence and readiness for constructive cooperation for the completion of that address the demands of all citizens decent, security and justice alive comprehensive reforms accomplished.

Cabinet discusses the mechanisms of implementation of the loans and investment projects



By Roudao 29 minutes ago
جلسة مجلس الوزراء
Cabinet meeting

Roudao – Erbil

Discussed the Council of Ministers headed by Haider alAbadi, on Tuesday, the implementation mechanisms of loans and investment projects as well as the issues on its agenda.

According to a statement of the Council, seen by Roudao media network, “said the cabinet discussed in its meeting held today under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi implementation mechanisms of loans and investment projects, and the Council of Ministers approved the summer agricultural plan and drew securing irrigate 150,000 acres with regard to crop rice, to Besides the issues on his agenda. “

The Council approved the establishment of Industrial Coordination Council also approved the liquidation of Sennacherib Technologies irrigation of the Ministry of Agriculture, according to the economic calendar for the company and its activity report prepared by the committee formed for this purpose.

The Council of Ministers that he “attaches great interest the information revealed by the investigative journalism, particularly Makeshvt him (Fairfax Media and Hovingtin Post), which pointed to suspicions of involvement of Iraqi officials in corrupt deals and kickbacks related to oil contracts during the period of the previous governments and the need to stand on its details and verified in accordance with the law.” .

He said “it was the emphasis on the move to work with guidance issued by al-Abadi to the Integrity Commission to take legal action and to invite the judiciary to carry out prosecutions instant about what is stated in the press investigations referred to the issuance ordered my book by the Prime Minister to form a ministerial committee investigating the published files, as directed Council demanding international bodies published the investigation to provide Iraq with all the evidence they have and at the request of the Minister of Higher Education Vice President Aluwzrae for energy Hussain al-Shahristani earlier.

The face of the Cabinet of Ministers to instruct the Ministry of Finance funded Independent Electoral Commission in the amount of ten billion dinars to complete the registration project and check mail [Albaaomitri.

The Council approved the “exception to the judges of its resolution No. 333 for the year 2015 and the emphasis on the Supreme Judicial Council to review the salaries of judges.”

It also agreed on the “issuing ceremony checker system by the State Consultative Council, taking into account the notes for the Prime Minister and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Foreign Ministry.”

The International Monetary Fund is likely to lend Iraq $ 15 billion IMF: Baghdadis committed to reducing spending and there are varying estimates and achieved export figures



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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Confirmed the International Monetary Fund for Iraq Mission, on Tuesday, on a disparity of Iraqi oil exports estimated quantities in the past 2015 budget, with realized actually it, stating that it “will not affect” in Iraq for the upcoming international finance long been committed to the program agreed upon and mechanisms to monitor .

The head of the mission, Christian nut, in response to a question (range Press), about the disparity in the amount of Iraqi oil exports between the estimated them in the federal budget actually realized, “The Fund noted that gave advice to the Iraqi government about it has taken him.”

He coconut, that “the Iraqi budget for the year past 2015, the estimated oil exports three million and 300 thousand barrels per day, the export price of $ 56 a barrel, while realized in that year was three million barrels per day at an average of $ 48 a barrel,” noting that ” Fund advised the Iraqi authorities to reduce expenditures in light of the decline in imports compared to what is estimated in the budget, where the latter committed to it. “

And on the impact of this in the forthcoming from the Fund for Iraq funding, the chief of the IMF mission to Iraq, that “affect the funding.”

The coconut, that “the Fund agreed with the Iraqi authorities on financing the program and mechanisms of control in November 2015 the past, to help deal with the drop in oil prices,” returned to “the successful implementation of the program paves the way for the possibility of Iraq get the funding it needs.”

The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, said in (the first of this April 2016), the seriousness of the international community to help Iraq and enable it to meet the “financial distress” current, while the International Monetary Fund plans to secure “global financial umbrella” for Iraq through its lending nearly $ 16 billion, counting that it supports the “authentication” of Baghdad and a guarantee for the international financial community to give more aid and soft loans.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF The International Monetary Fund), guessed at, (the thirtieth of March 2016), the possibility of approval to lend Iraq $ 15 billion over three years, through next June, while between that will provide five billion of them to believe the rest of other financial institutions and donors, he stressed that Iraq will receive five billion during the current year 2016, and the rest at the end of the agreement period.

The Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, signed on 30 March 2016, Iraq received financial aid from donors and financial organizations of six billion and $ 400 million during the current year 2016.

The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), in the (26th January 2016), that Iraq has agreed with the International Monetary Fund for long-term soft loans for the implementation of development projects, noting that the fund is among other conditions, government expenses, and modified some procedures related to economic policies, while counting economist that “the most important” of those loans is to know the amounts that will be obtained during the year 2016.

Iraq had announced (13th January 2016), for the approval of the International Monetary Fund to finance the budget deficit through clouds of hard currency reserves, indicating that this means reducing the reserves of $ 59 billion October 2015 the last end, to 43 billion during the this year.

The infallible Obama envoy discuss liberalization of Mosul and efforts to eradicate terrorism


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[Where – Baghdad]
Search President Fuad Masum Tuesday with Brett Macgork special envoy of US President Barack Obama for the management of the international coalition to fight Daash strengthen efforts to liberate Mosul and theeradication of terrorism.
According to a presidential statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the infallible “received at thePeace Palace in Baghdad this morning the special envoy of US President to manage the international coalition to fight Daash Brett Macgork accompanying delegation During the meeting , they discussed relations between Iraq and the United States, and the latest developments in the security situation and political and economic in Iraq, as well as strengthening efforts to liberate Mosul and the eradication of terrorism.
President infallible and stressed the need to expand the framework of constructive cooperation and bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States at all levels, so as to ensure the highest interests of the two peoples.
for his part , renewed Macgork according to the statement of his country ‘s commitment to support Iraq, particularly in the war against terrorism, pointing to the need to strengthen cooperation between the two sides.