Kurds: We will give the names of the candidates for accreditation Ebadi new ministerial cab


By Mohammed Emad 5/4/2016 11:57 | Views: 1200

Kurds: We will give the names of the candidates for accreditation Ebadi new ministerial cab

Brother – Baghdad

Declared leader of the Kurdistan Islamic Group Said Zana, Tuesday, that the Kurdistan blocs will present candidates for prime minister Haidar al – Abbadi of dependence rather than raised in parliament, while noting that the Abadi did not object to these names.

Said that ” the Kurdish blocs does not accept the nomination of Kurdish figures cabin ministerial Federal except by it , ” he said , adding that ” the Kurdistan will provide the names of the servants to fill the positions granted to the Kurds.”

He Said that ” the names that will be presented to Ebadi for the adoption of the government, will have theattributes of technocrats and professional and managerial expertise , ” pointing out that “Abadi did not object to these names, because he first asked the masses to give him and did not nominate blocks the names of theministries, making him submit the names put forward by the the House of Representatives. ”

He called on the Speaker of Parliament adviser Ahmed Mahjoub, on Monday, everyone to participate in agovernment of technocrats backed by all of the blocks in the next stage, warning that the country ‘s situation does not bear to give up the blocks for its support for the next government, as advised to leave the opposition methodology currently.

The Parliament Speaker Salim al – Jubouri called, in the (April 2, 2016), the parliamentary blocs to take its role in the study of names provided by the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi to fill ministerial posts in thenew government, citing the need to work on the completion of a “comprehensive change and an end to thequota system . ” .


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