Kurdistan is obtained a green light from Congress to pass the financial crisis



Tuesday 05-04-2016 | 7:30:33

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Twilight News / US Congress announced Astatdadh to support the Kurdistan Region to pass the financial crisis afflicting more than Snetn.

A statement by the Presidency of the Kurdistan Regional Government responded to the Twilight News, that Barzani met in Arbil on Tuesday, head of the Representation of Foreign Affairs of the US Congress, Ed Royce and his accompanying delegation, which included a number of members of Congress and US diplomats.

The statement said that the meeting was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani and president of the Presidium of the provincial interior minister and Alپeshmrگh acting and planning, the delegation stressed their support for the province and forces Alپeshmrگh in the war against terrorism, declaring all Ttminhm to the position of the citizens and the provincial government to receive large numbers of refugees and displaced persons fleeing terrorism and securing safe havens and services suitable for them.

The statement added that the delegation discussed in another section of the meeting to the situation of women in the province of Kurdistan and its location and its position in the administrative, political and social fields, pointing out in this regard to women Alaesideat editors from the grip of the “Daash” terrorist and seeking to liberate the remaining of them in captivity and how to care for them psychologically and re rehabilitation within the community.

The delegation expressed its willingness to assist the Kurdistan Region in passing the financial crisis afflicting.

The statement noted that Barzani for his part thanked the congressional delegation to visit the continued US support for the region, especially the Kurds friends in Congress, highlighting the latest developments in the war against terrorists, “Daash.”

Barzani pointed out that Alپeshmrگh forces in this war need to be permanent support of friendly countries, public and private America, emphasizing the secure پeshmrگh modern weapons to be able to continue its gains against terrorism.

The statement continued that Barzani touched on the situation in the region and the financial crisis afflicting the causes, and expressed hope that friendly countries are cooperating and supporting the province in this regard.

He called on Barzani to be to ensure the region’s share of international loans obtained by the Iraqi government, alluding to the financial and administrative procedures and forced the provincial government plans to address the financial crisis.

Kmay Barzani pointed out that the Kurdistan Region is waiting for International Community Assistance, businesses and investors to pass the crisis, in particular, explaining that the doors of the province is open to investors and businessmen to come to the region to carry out investment to be a contributing factor to pass the financial crisis.

The statement noted that the discussion of the situation in the region in general and the situation of the areas that have been liberated from the control of the organization “Daash” terrorist and how reconstruction and a number of other topics, was another aspect of the meeting.