Kurdish lawmaker: We support the initiative of the Supreme Council, which wants to bring the country out of the critical situation

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said MP from the Kurdistan Alliance Fares Alpfirkana, that we appreciate and support the ISCI initiative that you want to bring the country out of the critical situation.

He Alpfirkana told {Euphrates News} on Tuesday that “every initiative issued by the Iraqi national authorities appreciate and support them, but there are principles and constants must Angflha, including the democratic political process built on the basis of political blocs, each bloc known size in the Iraqi street, and all bloc got a certain maturity in government, you should be positions divided by him, and not be the next reforms go beyond these blocks. ” 

he added that” any initiative that keeps the political system let them compatibility; for the purpose of walking the political process forward. ” 

the initiative included a map road from two lanes to form a technocrat government of the country out of the critical situation that the reached him, and overcome the current political stalemate, and the preservation of the pillars of the political process, and coordination and cooperation among the various political forces. 

the road map put forward by Mr. Hakim include achieving mass and popular desire for qualitative changes in performance government in all his joints and at different levels of responsibility, as well as to maintain the constitutional and parliamentary legitimacy of the government, and to provide appropriate political covers are ; to help them to take significant and substantial steps, assigning parliamentarian and politician , great. 

and included the initiative on track , the first dealing with the current situation realistically Petrhidh, and Trchinh, and its rationalization, and prioritization, and continue to form a technocrat government, and the representation of the basic components participate in a government Altankoaqrat by giving them the right to nominate technocrats that was independent or politically to specific sites within the specifications and conditions set by the Prime Minister with the validity decide candidates, while suggesting the initiative to discuss the names submitted Katrchihat of by the Prime Minister, and retain those who represent the concept of technocrats, and they meet the specifications and nominations entrusted to him, and will be adopted by the political forces that have a relationship with the site candidate for him. 

the initiative also included in the track the first adoption of the ministers who introduced them in the recently proposed ministerial his booth, and the prime minister to open nominations for the positions of independent bodies, and senior diplomats, military leaders, without exception, and the closure of Altaaaat proxy vacancies file in all government sites, to have freedom of choice away from the political quota system interoperability, and by the constitutional policies in all government sites, and special grades with maintaining the balance the National . Ended h


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