Director of Information in the Iranian Oil Ministry’s “Khandan”: Iran and the Kurdistan region agree to export oil



Khandan – Iranian officials have reached with their counterparts from the Kurdistan region to the first agreement on the export of the Kurdistan region’s oil to Iran through two border crossings.

Revealed media director at the Iranian Oil Ministry, Dr. Akbar enjoyed a darn in a special and exclusive for “Khandan” all Iranian officials agreed with officials from the Kurdistan region is first on the export of oil province through two border crossings to Iran a statement, adding that the move would contribute oil in strengthening bilateral relations between the Kurdistan region and Iran, revealing that the biggest strides this step will follow in the future.

He said media director in the Iranian Oil Ministry, Dr. biggest darn basked in the context of his statement to “Khandan” The export of the Kurdistan region’s oil to Iran will be made by the perpetrators, “Pervez Khan” and “Haj Omran” pillars.

He revealed that Iran is responsible for the Kurdistan region Samay in the near term to export large quantities of crude oil to Iran following the signing of the Iranian Oil Ministry officials and the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan region, the agreement formally.

And Dr. biggest basked darn that the Kurdistan region’s oil export to Iran will be by tankers as a first step, and then will talk about the pipeline to export oil to Iran, noting that the dialogue between the two sides is still continuing to reach a final agreement in this regard.


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