Parliamentary committees rejects a number of candidates to the Ministry of Abadi



Since 05/04/2016 00:44 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

It revealed a number of lawmakers, on Monday evening, the day that the competent committees held meetings today to discuss the resumes and the acceptability of the candidates in the cabin Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi technocrats and presented by the parliament last week that the committee concluded to reject a number of candidates after their assessment.

He said the Integrity Committee member of the parliamentary Akeel al-Zubaidi that “the Higher Education Commission rejected candidate for the Ministry of Higher Education Abdul Razak al-Issa in the legal committee rejected a candidate for the Ministry of Justice Mohammed Nasrallah, as the Finance Committee rejected the candidate refused the Ministry of Finance Ali Abdul Amir Allawi.”

He also pointed out that “the Youth and Sports Committee refused to integrate the Ministry of Youth and Sports with the Ministry of Culture as well as it rejected the candidate Akil Mahdi.”

ADRID also refused to integrate the ministry as well as the rejection of the candidate and the fulfillment of Jafar.

The Education Committee has rejected the candidate Ali al-Jubouri candidate withdrew with the Ministry of Oil and the Ministry of candidate

With regard to the candidate of the Ministry of Foreign controversial Sharif Ali Bin Al-Hussein MP Akeel al-Zubaidi, it was stated that the committee rejected while MP Dhafer al-Ani said in a commentary that “most members of the Foreign Relations Committee said the seriousness of observations concerning the incompatibility of the requirements of independence and professional technocrats Sharif Ali Bin Al Hussein and his faith in the political system as long as carrying the banner of a constitutional monarchy, but no nomination was rejected, but the Commission’s view the need to update the information about the candidate and meet him directly. ”

As said a source in the government’s / balances News / he “contacted the Committee on Relations and said they did not reject the candidate but had asked to meet him because the CV provided to them when some things that need to be clarified and they sent the book to the presidency Benoit where their position regarding the biography of the candidate and want to meet him to put their vision Last”.

While MP Sabah al-Tamimi said, “confirmed the Commission services discussed resumes and candidate contacted the Ministry of Transport and he has been to ask questions directly to him directly but are surprised by the apology for the nomination by saying that he does not have the ability and experience in the field of the Ministry of Transport.”

But a source in the prime minister confirmed L / balance News / that no one of the candidates withdrew his candidacy and said, “There is no withdrawal until now did not report any of the candidates of his withdrawal.”

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