Kurdish parties: Most aspects of the partnership with Baghdad have been breached


Political Since 04/04/2016 21:12 pm (Baghdad time)


Baghdad balances News 

holding two offices politicians to the two presidents in the Kurdistan Democratic Kurdistan province and the National Union, on Monday, a meeting was devoted to discussion of the political situation and the situation of the Iraqi government and the changes proposed by Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi , which seeks to implement them. 

In a statement issued after the meeting and seen by / balances News / The the two sides stressed that ” the problems between the KRG and the federal government are deepening for years and can not be these changes that contribute to solving these problems.” 

the statement also stressed the need to clarify Is “the principle of partnership people of Kurdistan in the formation of the federal state is still going on or not?”. 

He pointed out the two sides are finding that “most of the aspects of this partnership has been violated.” 

the statement noted that “any change in the Iraqi federal institutions must maintain a share of the Kurds,” on condition the Kurdish political leadership select representatives of the Kurds in those institutions. 

as cautioned both parties stressed ” the need to preserve the Kurdish parties quotas.” 

the statement concluded to announce an agreement to send a negotiating delegation to Baghdad, said that “it is important that a senior Kurdistan delegation heads to Baghdad for negotiation and dialogue to solve problems.” 



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