Forces Union ending a meeting with the Kurdistan agreement on comprehensive change



Since 04/04/2016 21:27 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

Federation of Iraqi forces and a coalition of Kurdish blocs agreed to a comprehensive and total change of all ministries, including the security.

A statement issued by the political body of the Union of Forces received / balances News / copy of “The meeting was held at the headquarters of the presidency between the mass of the Union forces and the Kurdistan Alliance on political developments, especially the subject of the reshuffle.”

The statement stressed “the visions and overall total change of all ministries, including the security that match.”

He pointed out that “the prime minister the authority to choose ministers to be nominated for these positions through political blocs, but more than one candidate for each position and technocrats.”

In a statement from the presidency said Masum, stressed the importance of “holding meetings with all parliamentary blocs and actors in order to develop a common vision to ensure overcome the current obstacles to ensure solving urgent problems and to ensure the best interests of the country and the activation of the state institutions and to maintain its prestige with the rights of all components to ensure Iraqi society. ”

For their part, assured the representatives of the parliamentary blocs to participate in the meeting “the need to ensure access to solid understandings on the basis of national participants and lead to a real reforms in all fields and take into account the interests of everyone, without exception or marginalization.”

The two parties Kurdish Democratic Patriotic Union said far end of their meeting, Monday, that the problems between the Kurdistan region and the federal government are deepening for years and can not be these changes that contribute to solving these problems. ”

The statement noted that the two sides are finding that “most of the aspects of this partnership has been breached.”

The statement noted that “any change in the Iraqi federal institutions must maintain a share of the Kurds,” the condition of the Kurdish political leadership select representatives of the Kurds in those institutions.

The statement noted that the two stressed the “need to maintain the quota of Kurdish parties.”

The statement concluded to announce an agreement to send a negotiating delegation to Baghdad, he said that “it is important that heads high Kordestani delegation to Baghdad for negotiation and dialogue to solve problems.”

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