Excluding weights five ministries candidates and accusations Washington’ssupport “uniqueness” Abadi




Ebadi receives letter from US President


04/04/2016 19:25
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Long-Presse / political editor

In an effort to set the tempo of this political movement between the blocs and parties and rearranged in the framework of the reform, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi project, stepped Presidential Representative American Brett Macgork accompanied by the US ambassador in Baghdad, his contacts with the leadership of the blocks and the Prime Minister, after he had yesterday evening met, Sunday, at the Salah Eddin, head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, who pointed out what has happened in the partnership base, which laid the foundations for the Federal State of damage as a result of the tendency of autocratic in the decision by the former Prime Minister, which is completed by Abadi, a series of its measures constrictive Kurdish representation, as well as pursue a policy of starvation and other of exclusionary measures.

Has been nominated for meetings Macgork with leaders of parliamentary blocs in Baghdad confirmed the view of the US administration the need to maintain government stability, and to avoid a shake lead to a vacuum, at a time when Iraq is a bad need for a UN support, and to reassure the participation in the war against Daash states the donor states and organizations and international efforts that are willing to cooperate with the Iraqi government to deal with the consequences of the financial crisis and its complexities.

And I saw an interview the US Presidential Representative with the head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim debate frank, clear and opinion, it was wise response to the statement by the representative of the American administration to evaluate and point of oneness does not take into account the opinions and estimates and trends of the parliamentary blocs that form of participation based on electoral broad-based system Democrat parliamentarian, which required the Prime Minister to take him into consideration as he wants from measures or ministerial changes or policies that require judgment, to return to the parliamentary blocs and not the tendency towards autocratic.

Hakim noted as he addressed Macgork, the US envoy to repeat what he did in the era of al-Maliki, where he put pressure in one direction are encouraged to bypass the blocks and the strengthening of individual power.

In a related context, activated from the Iranian embassy contacts the Iraqi leadership, and to emphasize through the reshuffle balanced does not exceed the will of the masses, and the upgrade is required to achieve the government’s performance. The continuation of this trend for the work of Gen. Qassem Soleimani shuttle in his meetings by the end of last week, where he stressed the importance of avoiding a shock lead to a vacuum weakens the political and military effort in the war against Daash.

During the past few hours examined blocks and leaders of the ways out of the impasse caused by the head of the individual cabinet, submitted an “envelope is closed,” the names of candidates for “Cabin technocratic initiative” appears to have lacked validity of many of them, either autobiographical suspected or because the calculated candidate parties and blocks parliamentary, especially from the Dawa and the Sadrists, or charges on suspicion of corruption.

The sources confirm cope moves, that an agreement was not publicly implicitly resolved a thorough reshuffle “excludes Abadi,” but be subject to the selection of the blocks of the candidates, to be the candidate of the competencies and “technocrats” and not a condition necessarily have to be independent.

Sources notes that despite the tacit agreement on the withdrawal of al-Abadi “closed Mzerovh” and trading according to what has been the adoption of the blocks choices, everyone was surprised by the statement issued by the Office of Abadi, affirming his commitment to the declared Ptugeh. The sources, who expressed irritation with the above statement and a clear signal to the fluctuation of the positions of Abadi and his unwillingness to commit to collective action, and that he does not want to declare failure and rejection of others waiting for the initiative ..!

In a related development being the interaction with al-Hakim, calling for an initiative to develop a national council includes the heads of blocs and issued formed by a parliamentary resolution and not a law in order to avoid the problems of constitutionality, that this Council will be along the lines of the Governing Council and have its members deputies being nominated and they are level course.

In the meantime, the leaders said in blocs and parties that the reduction of ministries leads to prejudice and balances exclude the participation of some parties and components, and thus weaken the flexibility of the solution and compatibility.

In the meantime, he urged House Speaker Salim al-committees formed to study the progress of candidates Abadi. According to some leaks that the first direction refers to the exclusion of candidates for electricity, foreign, finance, justice and higher education.

Parliamentary sources as saying that the judiciary’s response to a question about the constitutionality of the ideas proposed by Abadi, who is supposed to be preceded by a presidential assignment, responded by saying that the judiciary can answer the complaint in this regard are given is that it was unconstitutional.

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