{Euphrates News} publish the text of the Supreme Council provided political forces initiative to save the situation


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News Agency got {Euphrates News} on the text of the National Reform Initiative SIIC modified that provided political forces to rescue the political situation.
According to the text , ” the National Reform Initiative modified / first package roadmap form a government of technocrats 04/03/2016 In the name of God the Merciful the road map depends on identifying specific tracks as choices decisive in the formation of a government of technocrats to lead the country out of the critical situation , which reached him and overcome the political stalemate current and maintain the pillars of the political process, coordination and cooperation between the different political forces. centric roadmap on two basic principles are: 

1. achieve mass and popular desire for qualitative changes in the government ‘s performance in all his joints and at different levels of responsibility. 

2. Keep constitutional and parliamentary legitimacy to the government and providing appropriate covers are politically in order to help them to take significant and substantial steps and with support of Parliament and senior politician .. paths roadmap: the 

first track; 1. dealing with the current situation realistically Petrhidh and Trchinh and its rationalization and prioritization and continue to form a technocrat government. 

2. representation of the components and the political forces participating in the government technocrats , by giving them the right to submit their candidates (political technocrats or independent) of the sites assigned to them and within the specifications and conditions set by the Prime Minister and have the power to decide the candidates. 

3 for sale . Discuss all Katrchihat names provided by the Prime Minister and retain those who represent the concept of technocrats and apply specifications and nominations entrusted to him and be adopted by the political forces that have a relationship with the candidate site for him. 

4 for sale . Adoption of ministries given by the Prime Minister in the last proposal of ministerial cabins. . 

5. The Prime Minister opened the nomination of sites independent bodies and senior diplomats and military commanders door without exception, and the closure of appointments by proxy and vacancies in all government websites file and have freedom of choice away from the political quota system interoperability, according to the constitutional contexts in all government sites and special grades with keeping national balances . 

6. Focus on a package of laws and regulations and shall be limited to six laws are of great importance nationally, economically and socially, developmentally and politically to be legislation in Parliament within the time period specified. 

7. For 90 days to determine the implementation of the first part of the road map , starting from 15/04/2016 … and sets the date 07/15/2016 to assess what has been achieved and evaluate the commitment of all parties to the duties entrusted to them.

8. Center and realistic to adopt a government program covers the remainder of the term assigned to the government and the Prime Minister and the government program are required to have a specific place ceilings and clear time for each task of tasks. 

9. The formation of a specialized committee of experts to help the Prime Minister in the evaluation of candidates and various government sites, and represents the committee of political forces to participate in support of a technocrat government, including four members of the National Alliance , and two members of the Kurdistan Alliance , and two members of the Alliance of Forces Union and one member of the national list and two members representing the President of the Council of Ministers.

10. Signing all the forces participating in the government on the details of the map and on the government program submitted by the government. The close symbiotic honor among all parties. 

11. Participation in the government to support government action forces fully undertake during this period and to support its economic, security and social. 

12 for sale . Establish {National Security Council} consultant strategically as a board and its membership includes leaders of political forces key in the state in addition to the three presidencies, consisting of { the President and Mr. Prime Minister, Parliament Speaker and Chairman of the Judicial Council and Mr. Muqtada al – Sadr and al – Hakim , and Masoud Barzani, Ibrahim al – Jaafari and Nouri al – Maliki and Iyad Allawi , and Hadi al – Ameri and Osama Najafi and Saleh al – Mutlaq} to be a national council advisory meets monthly and discusses the steps senior government and strategic decisions and evaluate the reformist path and contributes to decipher the political bottlenecks, are selected members of the leaders of the main forces involved in the formation of the government in each session. the 

second track ; in the absence of real opportunity for the implementation of the first track of the road map, it is going to activate the second track and supports the following steps; 

1. Work on the entire cabin to change the government and calling for the formation of a government of technocrats , including the Prime Minister as well. 

2. Work on keeping the balance in the national government to be formed as stipulated by the Constitution. 

3 for sale . Call for the formation of a parliamentary bloc and national cross-components to be supportive of the government of technocrats. 

4 for sale . It sets a time limit of 30 days to form a government and approved by the House of Representatives. . 

5. Adoption of other steps in the first track .anthy



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