Naming cabins Abadi, “a new government or modification” and discuss the progress of the candidates and determine their eligibility within 72 hours


Baghdad -arac Press -2 April: Parliament Speaker Salim alJubouri, said that the parliament session, for next Monday, will decide the status of theministerial cabin being a new government or cabinet reshuffle, while stressing address theconcerned authorities to find out the eligibility ofcandidates to take over ministerial portfolios within 72 hours.

This comes as it prepares parliamentary committees to discuss the biographies of each candidate on thelist of Haider alAbadi submitted to the presidencyof the parliament at a meeting on Sunday, accordingto parliamentary sources informed.

Jubouri said in a parliamentary session on Saturday, “ The Monday session will put appropriate to address the timings Are we facing a new government lineup or a cabinet reshuffle to move to dealing with the names and consideration in the parliament.”

And on leaking the names of candidates Jubouri said, he was “surprised by the publication and media names of candidates for the new cabinet cabin handed over by Prime Minister Haider alAbadi to parliament last Thursday.

“The parliament is responsible for the publication of the names of candidates to the media, but we were surprised by the published views did not know.”

He pointed to “formally wrote to the Integrity Commission and criminal enrollment and the accountability and justice within 72 hours and inform the House of Representatives the eligibility of those names to take ministerial portfolios.”

The Prime Minister Haider alAbadi foot-hosted by the parliament session, last Thursday, the new government his booth withthe feminine and the integration of a number of ministries.

Parliament and the Select 10 days to study the biographies of new candidates and one month for an overhaul and the resolution ofall positions that are managed by proxy.

He announced the new ministerial candidate cabin, Nazar Muhammad Salim alNuman, yesterday, his withdrawal from thenomination for the oil ministry attributing his decision to “ the lack of political consensus on the new ministerial cabin” .anthy (1)


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