Legal expert: Abadi can dismiss all ministers and accept their resignation and appointment Bdelhm


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[Wayne – Baghdad] 

said legal expert Tareq Harb, said Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi can legally sack all the ministers, and the acceptance of their resignations and appointment Bdelhm.

He added in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, commenting on the authority of the Prime Minister to sack all the ministers , “said the Prime Minister the power to sack all the ministers, and the authority to accept the resignation of all the ministers, and the consequent dismissed or resigned,” sack the government “any dismissal of Prime minister or dismiss the cabinet. ” 

He said the war that” the Iraqi constitution in 2005 and the system of the Council of Ministers No. 8 of 2014 and the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives in 2006, did not restrict the authority of the prime minister or arrange legal effect or constitutionally dismiss all ministers or their resignations, but remains chairman Minister, and his new ministers nomination, rather than who has a pink slip, or has resigned. ” 

He noted that” the position of the Constitution and systems entrants to the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives in this regard is different from the attitude of some constitutions in the world , which is considered to have resigned the Prime Minister, the ministry resigned if it included the change more of the half. ” 

He continued the war that” this confirms the validity of the prime minister to sack Minister General absolutely comprehensive, as stated in Article 78 of the Constitution and not an ad hoc authority or restricted or fragmented, especially since publishing the law in the official Gazette No. 78 of 1977 , decided that the singular is intended by the combination. ”


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