House of Representatives vote on the comprehensive reform of state institutions and announce the formation of the Special Committee to study the curricula vitae new ministers extended {}


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} House of Representatives voted on a comprehensive reform of state institutions, and the selection of new cabinet within 10 days, and the designation of heads of independent bodies, and security positions, and ambassadors during the month.
According to a statement to the House of Representatives and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on Thursday, ” The Parliament in its regular twenty – chaired by Speaker Salim al – Jubouri, and the presence of 287 deputies tohost Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi.”
The statement said that “at the beginning of hosting welcomed al – Jubouri ,spokesman Council in the presence of al – Abadi to the meeting , “stressing that” thepast supported the reform of the Council, being careful to go out with satisfactory results achieved prestige of the state and the security of the citizen , “pointing to theimportance of national understanding in protecting the country ‘s unity, stability and integrity of the state institutions.”
and the statement that “President al – Jubouri He noted pursuit Council to promote security and stability, and raise the armed forces morale, and volunteers against terrorism, congratulating liberalization of the Heat and the quest for the Liberation ofNineveh , lifting the siege on Fallujah. ”
the statement continued , ” the prime minister stressed that Iraq is a defining moment in its history “, adding that” the armed forces, and the forces of security, and the Peshmerga, popular crowd, and the sons of the tribes were able to defeat theAldoaash in several areas in conjunction with a plan to liberate Fallujah and Hawija and Mosul Conception Daash , “noting that” the submission awaited cabinet reshuffle in response to the demands of the Iraqi people . ”
the statement noted ” the al – Abadi said that Iraq faced a severe financial crisis with the collapse of oil prices, and lower state revenues, and was the government program order, and the reduction of government spending, especially now that oil prices have reached to 15% of what they used to be , ” stressing that ” the Council of Ministers meetings in harmony, There is no animosity or problem with any minister, but the country is going through a new phase. ”
and the statement that” the Prime Minister pointed out that the government will not succeed without harmony with the House of Representatives , “noting the lack ofcandidates for partial amendment, it has not been to provide the names of theblocks parliamentary exception of two names , “noting that he” was handed over thepresidency of the Council of Representatives and the ministerial lineup full consists of 16 ministers were chosen on the basis of professionalism and efficiency; to be discussed with the parliamentary blocs , with the exception of the ministries ofinterior and defense of inclusiveness amendment at the present time; in order not toconfuse the security situation . ”
the statement said that” al – Abadi pointed out the importance of cooperation and work on the spirit of partnership and the team share, and work together for a government reshuffle , “noting that” the House of Representatives has the choice to accept or reject or modify selection provided with the importance of the negotiation between the government and the House of Representatives ; in order to reach an agreement , “explaining that” the next phase will see the naming heads ofindependent bodies in two weeks, or a month, and stay away from the appointment by proxy, and the restructuring of some of the directors positions two years. ”
It pointed out that” the Prime Minister stressed that the fight against corruption represents an important link in the work of the government need to support the House of Representatives, and the sons of the people, and not to cover up the corrupt, as well as opening major corruption files, and the resolution of thedetainees files, assign judges who take the files of corruption. ”
the statement added that” al – Abadi stressed that members of the cabinet reshuffle will prepare dossiers on their work plans within the government program that thegovernment raise the quarterly report on the level of achievement earned and failing Profile “, stressing that” re – displaced people to their areas, and alleviate their suffering, and restore stability to the liberated areas will be a priority in the work of the government in collaboration with the donor countries and the UN . ”
, the statement that” the Prime Minister thanked supreme religious authority in support of the government in various fields “, praising the role of Mr. Muqtada al -Sadr, and the protesters peaceful, and the role of security forces to protect them.
the statement said that” President al – Jubouri , stressed the keenness of the House of Representatives to meet the demands of the Iraqi people in collaboration with thegovernment, praising the role and initiatives of Mr. Muqtada al – Sadr and Mr. Hakim, the political blocs to achieve reform , “adding that” the reform needs to be a time limit, and will be working with the government to end it through the month , “noting the existence of constitutional checks and put the end of the mandate of any minister or Astaizharh through the withdrawal of confidence by an absolute majority to build on the grill or the sacking of a simple majority at the request of the Prime Minister, which must give reasons for this, as the minister is resigning in the event ofsuspension of work, or attending meetings of the Council of Ministers, or exemption, or retire, but the rules of procedure or the Constitution did not address the issue ofAlastaizar. ”
, The statement that” the president of the House of Representatives announced theformation of a special study of biographies of the Committee, and to know their abilities and their abilities , especially the “avalanche of ministers and ministries need to cooperate.”
He the statement that ” the parliament voted to achieve comprehensive reform to end state acting administration, including bodies and agencies, ambassadors andsecurity positions during the month to be done to resolve the selection of new ministers who presented them the Prime Minister within 10 days, provided that theCouncil will continue to resume his work for the resolution of the reforms and examine files Introduction. ”
the statement concluded that” the House of Representatives voted on 77 items out of 107 articles within the draft Code of military criminal Procedure Act, and sponsored by the committees of security and defense, and legal, which aims to expand the scope of the law, and the granting of the commander in chief of thearmed forces and Minister of defense the authority to issue decision of the military toinclude, and increase the powers prescribed to the Minister and the investigating officer the military and the judiciary, and determine the validity ordered the seizure to impose specific penalty law, and to provide the necessary military to prosecute thelegal guarantees and Jahia and in absentia in all the roles of investigation and trial, and to reconsider the formation of military courts in line what has been established by the military justice . Ended h

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