Source: US 101st participated in theBattle of southeastern Mosul


Erbil «Quds Al-Arabi» of Omar al-Jubouri: military source speaking for «Al Quds Al Arabi» on the participation of American troops, the band «101st Airborne», the Iraqi armed forces in the battle for Mosul, through the use of artillery and conduct airdrops in different areas of operations .
These sources said that «Chinook» US aircraft participated in the transfer of Iraqi soldiers and disembarked on the goals of elected he said, noting that fighting in the axis «drunken» had not yet seen the remarkable progress of Iraqi forces, but in the three villages. The sources said that the aim of the military operation is to keep the militants of state regulation of these villages taken by the center to launch missiles at military units stationed in Makhmour.The organization has earlier launched a number of missiles at military units in this area, which led to the fall of the number of Iraqi soldiers were killed or wounded.
The source added: «is derived from the set in plans by the military commanders that the Joint Special Operations Command will open several other axes of attack, and after making the organization pays all its military capabilities in the southeast area of ​​the city, and then be north and northwest of Mosul area almost empty of gunmen» . Which could easily provide the security forces toward Mosul process with ease, according to the source.
Eyewitnesses told «Al Quds Al Arabi» He said that state regulation has sent military reinforcements to different areas of the south-east of Mosul. They said that the soldiers enter the organization in the case clarion year, with the start of the Battle of the Iraqi government restore the city of Mosul, under his control and that started from the city drunk southeast of Mosul.
Witnesses spoke about the organization of the deployment of heavy guns and anti-aircraft weapons in different parts of the attack centers, stressing they heard the sound of cannons and resistors in the skies of the area that was aimed at the international airline alliance.
The latter began to wage a violent and continuous attacks and continuously to coincide with the military operation launched by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, accompanied by fighters from the crowd tribal starting point, as the organization to pay a number of armored vehicles to the battlefield, which they said was booby-trapped, as well as sending a number of militants for the purpose of repelling the attack, who described Balousa since the organization’s control over the city. According to witnesses, the organization earlier planted land with landmines and improvised explosive devices, which hampered the progress the joint forces.
It is noteworthy that the organization of the Islamic state to impose its control over the city of Mosul, Nineveh province (405 km north of Baghdad) on the tenth of June 2014 before taking control over large areas of Iraq.


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