Expectations of economic growth coinciding with a significant cabinet reshuffle expected



Expectations of economic growth coinciding with a significant cabinet reshuffle expected


BAGHDAD / JD / .. response to the demands of the Iraqi people, public pressure has been the prime minister decided to submit the names of ministers technocrats during the current week to the parliament for the purpose of voting upon, which made economists and has a concerned look forward economic reform prospective upon the formation of the new government cabin, stressing that the aim of the change Ministerial is to fight corruption and reduce the waste of public money and accounting mischief.
And systems of thousands of citizens an open sit-in front of the gates of the Green Zone to demand to expedite the implementation of political and economic reforms is urgent futures in the country.
He says the Finance Committee member Ahmed Sarhan told / KD /: he can not work on the implementation of economic reforms in the absence of political reforms and radical solutions to some outstanding differences between the political blocs.
Ahmed added that politics and the economy are two sides of the same coin, so the upcoming cabinet reshuffle will aim towards achieving economic reform because he will fight corruption and reduce the waste of public money and will also be working on the corrupt and negligent officials accountable.
He continued to parliament and political blocs must support the prime minister to allow him to form a new government without pressure.
For his part, economist Adel Mandalawi likely to achieve significant economic growth after the formation of the new government of technocrats, because the competent financial and economic affairs will be filled by people who are independent and highly qualified, professional and lay out the jurisdiction of the constructive and development plans in order to achieve a quantum leap in the economy ministries.
He Mandalawi Agency / KD /: that the government programs and economic development plans announced by the Prime Minister with the beginning of the formation of the current government, but it has not been implemented so far due to the presence of ministers incompetent and subject to quotas partisan and sectarian Afeergulwn implementation of many projects because it opposes their interests Ketloah and personal.
He noted that most of the current ministers and officials are accused of corruption and squandering of public money Upon formation of the new government may be held accountable those responsible and recover the money that Hdroha and this is what will give a positive incentive to achieve real economic growth prospective.
He stressed that the Iraqi economy at the moment is suffering from recession and stagnation due to total dependence on oil and the lack of real support and activate realistic other economic sectors, reflective or from the new government to create a great economic revolution, transformation of the Iraqi economy from a yield single-source to multi economy revenues. / End / 8 /

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