Abadi up agreements with the coalition to change the seven ministries



Sunday 27 March 2016 | 20:16
| Number of Views: 2128

BAGHDAD / .. A member of the National Alliance for the rule of law Haider Mawla, Sunday, that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi reached preliminary agreements with the National Alliance for the relocation of some ministers.

He said the Lord’s “Eye of Iraq News,” “The list Abadi will come to parliament during Monday’s session,” pointing out that “the list will include the names changed seven ministers.”

He said. “Delays which won by the prime minister not to provide part of his booth for non-ministerial enriches Bbadi comes to agree with the parties to the National Alliance.”

Mawla that the “comprehensive change can not be done in one go for violating the constitution, forcing al-Abadi to provide partial reform.”

This is done during the day an emergency meeting of the National Alliancein the office of Foreign Minister Ibrahim al – Jaafari, to discuss the cabinet reshuffle and the latest developments Alssayash.anthy MG


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