Ki-moon of Parliament: call for reconciliation and compromise on legislation to urge the National Guard Law

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

called on UN Secretary – General Ban Ki – moon during his speech to the House of Representatives hosted a session on Saturday to “do reconciliation is based on the unity and adjustments” , urging at the same time “legislation several important laws , including the National Guard.”

The House of Representatives has been a guest in its regular day , headed by Salim al – President of the Council and in the presence of 267 deputies Today, Ban Ki – moon , Secretary General of the United Nations and Jim Yong Kim , president of the World Bank and civil Ahmed , chairman of Islamic Bank in finished reading the first and second of the three laws. 

At the beginning of hosting the president stressed Jubouri said the historic visit of the Secretary General of the United Nations and the President Alddola Bank and head of the Islamic Bank expresses the international community ‘s solidarity with Iraq and standing by his side in the face of extremism. 

He said House Speaker in his speech during the meeting that the Iraqi people trying to live in the homeland of peace, love and Sir prevails towards sustainable development people are determined to face the challenges and the fight against terrorism and confront the terrorists who now face the international community through Macamwa its bombings in more than one country , noting that the visit comes at a time when Iraq is going through a real test for the hard work to serve the people and fight terrorism. 

He said al – Jubouri Iraq has a firm determination to continue liberalization and economic reforms , community reconciliation and integrate the political process upon which to build the governance system in Iraq with the United Nations strategy , which represents an important transmission , in order to reduce the level of poverty in the world and to enable democracy and sustainable development the government. 

He said Iraq believes the stage post – Daash drawing on the energies of local communities and their ability to cope with terrorism, pointing out that the reactivation of the integration of international aid to international development programs and continue the World Bank with developing countries is especially important that Iraq and the region is going through a struggle raging and cross-border requires the construction of a comprehensive governments of both components. 

the President of the House of Representatives vision to get rid of terrorism , based on strengthening the social fabric , sustainable development and rely on the military and political foundations and economic integrated with each other with judicial notch local communities , alluding to the need to be investing in human potential and enormous fabric of tribal and support in the liberation of their areas of Daash. 

He noted Jubouri that the political strategy depends on the adoption of community reconciliation which are the basis for national reconciliation with the adoption of the idea of decentralization and the provision of services and reconstruction , security in all of Iraq , pointing to the importance of the United Nations , the World Bank and the Islamic development Bank ‘s role in this area. ” 

He Jubouri” hope that Iraq shall have a significant share of allocations and programs amounting to $ 20 billion from the World Bank, noting that Iraq had reached the maximum capacity of the bearing and the need for limits are pressing the United Nations to cooperate with the local governments for the reconstruction of liberated areas. 

In his speech during the meeting Ban Ki – moon , Secretary – General Kofi Annan expressed his happiness to visit Iraq, advance condolences to the Iraqi people, especially the families and friends of the victims of the football field. 

the Secretary – General of the United Nations to terrorism Esttna one and targets civilians everywhere, adding that the UN would support the steadfastness great patience to the people of Iraq, noting that after the emergence of Daash in the north and west of Iraq see now great progress since has been edited several areas courage of the security forces and the crowd and popular fighters of the tribes. ” 

He praised” the role of the parliament in achieving peace and stability and the ratification of important laws, pointing out that the Iraqis are facing great challenges , despite the progress , in fact, especially if the organization Daash terrorist enemy targets innocent also , Daash can not only be defeated by military means, but by going to the people and an end to marginalization and address the roots of the crisis. 

He called on Ban Ki – moon all leaders in Iraq to reach a common vision of national reconciliation based on the unity and adjustments and serve the aspirations of the people, especially the young and minorities, urging the reform of the judiciary and legislation law of the founding of the National Guard and reconciliation with the importance of the military operations carried out in a suit with the international law in the liberated areas. 

the Secretary – General of the United Nations on the importance of diversification of the economy and the fight against corruption , which Thoudy United Nations and World Bank support, stressing the international community ‘s commitment to the United Nations , the implementation of the special return of the displaced programs and the provision of humanitarian support and stabilize the areas that were under the control of Daash, adding that Baghdad and Arbil are working together on the basis of the economic dialogue and cooperation. 

He pointed Ban Ki – moon to the importance of the work with the help of member states to overcome terrorism, noting that the United nations has developed recommendations at the local level and international Mmaystdei Iraq to be a pioneer in the field of international cooperation, calling on Iraq ‘s neighbors and the international community to support him and help him in the face Daash. 

He urged the Secretary – General of the United nations , members of the House of Representatives to the fight against corruption and an end to cronyism, pointing out that Iraq could become an important economic hub in the region , despite big challenges. 

for his part, World Bank Director , Mr. Jim Yong Kim during a speech in the House of Representatives hearing that ” the way to achieve stability and shared growth in Iraq is to empower local governments, openness and diversification of the economy and improving public financial management through public sector reform and greater legal accountability . ” 

said Jim Yong Kim said Iraq chose the path of political participation , a decision that create difficult challenges and heralds a lot of good, it also requires make political concessions to build broad alliances to achieve national goals, pointing out that despite the complexity and difficulty of the participation of all sects of the Iraqi people in the political process , but it is possible to be a part of the track extremely important to achieve long – term stability. ” 

he noted World Bank President to the project supported by the World Bank amounting to $ 250 million for the reconstruction of areas that have been liberated from the organization Daash, urged House members to unite on opening – up efforts and diversification of economic activities as an important step in the process to unleash the tremendous capabilities possessed by Iraq , by adopting laws that would open the door to young entrepreneurs from entrepreneurs who are eager to take risks and to engage in new projects. 

He suggested Kim ‘s use of the principle of financial incentives to encourage governments local to be more accountable to its citizens and provide better quality services, alluding to Almkhatarakabarh that surround Iraq due to the size of its economy , geographical and strategic location, calling for increased efficiency in the management of public money to make sure they achieve their greatest goals and its impact on the Iraqi economy and increase public oversight government spending and make it an effective way to fight corruption and build confidence in the Iraqi public sector. 

he noted Kim said the recent loan, worth $ 1.2 billion, which had been in Iraq in order to overcome the financial crisis is the biggest proof of the support and commitment of the international direct Bank of Iraq and its people. 

for his part, the Secretary General of the Islamic Bank for development Ahmad Mohamed Ali Al Madani condolences to the victims of the terrorist bombing of the city of Alexandria sons in Babil province, stressing the support of the Islamic Bank of Iraq and its people in the current trial. 

civil and expressed hope that the visit of the delegation a good omen for the prosperity of Iraq and the defiance of suffering in the reconstruction and the tyranny of security He pointed out that the elements of Iraq is still present and able to overcome the challenges. ” 

and between the Islamic Bank president, to visit the Islamic Bank delegation with the Secretary General of the United nations and the president of the World Bank came to support Iraq to bolster development capabilities and build a robust economy , according to sustainable plans and building economic ties with member states the partners of the United Nations system and the World Bank, the investment promotion of Islamic financial, stressing that Iraq is facing a financial crisis and will upgrade them soon. 

at the end of the visit , al – Jubouri , expressed his appreciation to the visiting delegation expressed the thanks of Iraq and the House of Representatives of the United Nations’ role. 

on the other hand gave President al – Jubouri condolences to the people Iraq after the terrorist bombings of innocents civilians in the province of Babylon. This

was followed by an MP Hanan al statement for deputies Babil province , condemned the criminal bombing that targeted the match for popular teams in the province, demanding the House of Representatives that have a pause with the province of Babylon , and the interest in them, noting that the number of elements of the security services to Aitlaim with the importance of the province, calling on the government to intensify security measures and reconsider the plans approved and to increase the kit number to protect the province and provide the security forces with the necessary equipment. This 

was followed by Al – Fatiha in memory of the House of Representatives for the souls of the martyrs of Iraq and the province of Babylon. 

In another matter alive House Speaker victories security forces and volunteers in the provinces of Anbar and Nineveh. 

he gave MP Ahmed al – Jubouri , a statement on behalf deputies Nineveh province , praised the launch of the opening process for the Liberation of Nineveh and the victories of the hands of the Iraqi forces and the crowd clan after nearly two years of control of the terrorist organization on Mosul and what he has done practices. 

he called the statement of Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi to provide all the capabilities needed to sustain the battle momentum through the involvement of people of the province of those based in the Speicher base Nineveh police and opened the door to volunteer for the sons of the tribes, hello with the participation of all Iraqis without exception in the battle, especially the popular crowd and the Peshmerga forces praising the role of the international coalition in the battle edit Nineveh. 

as President of the Council gave the name of the House of Representatives heartfelt sympathies to the MP Ahmad al- Salal al – Badri of the death of his son , as he read the Council Al – Fatihah memory of the spirit of the deceased. on 

the other hand , President al – Jubouri said the House of Representatives since the start of the sit – ins and demonstrations had been an advocate and supporter and participant in the reforms , according to spammers constitutional and legal and began by noting that the House of Representatives called on the government to speed up the submission of all Maldiha of reform measures and will not hesitate to carry out his duties oversight. 

He called al – Jubouri parliamentary committees to submit proposals or evaluation reports for the performance of ministers or ministries in order to allow the board of Accounting and accountability of any minister shorted noting that the House of Representatives depends upon the will of his deputies who are elected by the Iraqi people and not subject to any pressure or authority other than the authority of the Constitution and the law , with appreciation for all reform efforts and sincere intentions that seek to serve the country. 

He called on the President of the House of Representatives parliamentary committees to provide an assessment of the performance of the executive bodies of the report is displayed in this matter during the meetings of the Council the next. 

In another matter , the President of the House of Representatives face of an ultimatum to the number of MPs who have exhausted or Gaabathm upper limit exceeded based on Law 49 for the year 2007 to replace members of the House of Representatives display deputies names and names reached the final limit is exhausted holidays. 

He called President al – Jubouri , the name of the Council government MPs relief of civilians trapped in the city of Fallujah by al Daash terrorist and speed rescued from hunger and brutality of the terrorists. 

then the Council ended the first reading of the draft State – owned banks and submitted the law of the financial and legal committees in light of the expansion and the significant increase in the volume of trade and banking dealings inside and outside Iraq and to help banks government to promote the improvement and development of banking services in accordance with the requirements of the national economy. 

The completed board the first reading of the bill abolishing the dissolved Revolutionary command Council resolution No. 100 of 2000 and provided legal, culture and media committees given the resolve of the Ministry of culture and Information under CPA order No. 2 section 3 of 2003 and the absence of law needed. 

the head of the House of Representatives warmest congratulations and blessings on behalf of the Council for the sons of the Christian component Chaldean Syriac Assyrian occasion of the feast of Resurrection. 

He completed the Council read the report and discuss the draft of the Ministry of the Interior and submitted by the committees of security and defense, financial and legal law. 

In the interventions of Representatives MP Riad Ghareeb he stressed the need to speed up legislation law of the importance of the Ministry of Interior and its relation to the security and intelligence side at the current stage. 

He noted the MP Abbas al – Bayati said the bill did not include a paragraph pertaining to counter – terrorism device, calling for the cancellation of positions advisers in the ministry. 

He objected MP Arshad al – Salihi to reduce the number of agents and advisers to the need of the ministry for them, wondering about the mechanism of security management for mixed areas, suggesting a link head of the provincial council in the ministry. 

for its part , expressed MP Najiba Najib rejection of the bill to the presence of constitutional violations are not consistent with the goals and reasons for the law.

He called MP Mohammed Naji to include the border police command within the proposed amendment and make the responsibility for security internal and counter – terrorism within the powers of the minister. 

MP Abdul Kahar Samurai converts Federal police is the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior to the Ministry of defense to reduce the overlap in the performance of duties. 

in response to the interventions of the Committee on stressed that the draft law has been discussed several times in the security and defense committee , referring to taking into consideration the proposals of the House of Representatives. 

In another context , President al – Jubouri announced the arrival of 43 bill to the stage of voting , but has not been included on the agenda for the reluctance of the Committees on its completion in full, calling on the parliamentary committees to expedite the provision of laws in order to vote for their importance. 

it was decided then to raise after the hearing until tomorrow Alatnin.anthy 14

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