Parliamentary security: the people of Mosul will support Iraqi forces in the liberation of their city


Khandan -ali Naji

Considered and defend the parliamentary security committee, that the majority of the people of the city of Mosul, currently trapped in the city would support the city liberated Iraqi forces and would support those forces.

A member of the committee MP Majid al-Gharawi told the reporter, “Khandan”, that “there is currently creating a military buildup to liberate the city of Mosul, and that the Declaration hour editing is up to the General Commander of the Armed Forces and military leaders.”

He Ghraoui, that “our confidence high sons of the people of Mosul to the security forces, and would be the majority of residents are currently trapped supporters and supporters of the Iraqi forces, which will liberate their areas.”

The member of the parliamentary defense committee and security, that “the people of Mosul saw with their own eyes suffering and killings and destruction committed by Daash towards them, and the oldest of the terrorists bombings and the bombing of holy places and shrines of the prophets, churches and mosques.”

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