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I got / balances News / the most prominent names that have annexed a list of candidates selected by the Committee of Experts mandated by the leader of the Sadrist movement announced Tuesday the end of its work.

Sadr last month formed a committee to choose independent candidates do not belong to political parties and from different walks of life in Iraq to take up positions in the government instead of the current officials

Sadr said, that “the wills of members of Parliament to vote on it, should vote is willing Fleihjm,” noting that “puts these specialized cabin technocrats high level in the hands of the Iraqi people and that the Iraqis are capable of forming the government out of partisanship sectarian quotas without regard to the cab from the hand affiliation and race. ”

The list included:

    Tawfik Hammoud Hnjar Skr Yasiri

    Umid Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim Tokmja

    Banyan Iyad Mohammed Abdullah Alndaoui

    Haider Ali Sbouka Afat Jurani

    Said Musa Khader Abbas Hamashi

    Mahmoud Abdul-Jabbar Fattah Moinuddin Haider al-Obeidi

    Abdul Sahib Najim Abid Saeed al-Jubouri

    Obeid replace Freeh Hamoud al-Dulaimi

    Atta Atta Nabil Hussein Qambar Awni king Shah

                       Ali Adnan Abdul Hameed Mahdi Alsoz

                       Aziz Ali Kadhim high

                       Ali Mejbel virgins

                       Ultra Ali Abdul Rasul Abdullah Al-Najjar

                       Effectively blessing Zohaib Ali Attia

                       Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Naimi

                       Mohammed Hussein Muhsin Jawad al-Qasim al-Shami

                       Khadr east reformer Mohammed al-Jubouri

                       Muwaffaq Mehdi Abboud al-Hammoud

                       Nihad Abdul Qader Rashid Ahmed Awsi

                       Walid Khalid Issa Taha Tai

                       Just the memory of Tawfiq Yousef Sarsam

                       Sharar Haydar Mohamed Abdel Baqi al-Bayati

                       Abbas Kazim Khudair Silverline salami

                       Ghazi Ibrahim Asitavan Rahho

                       Mazin Rashid gesture Salman slave

                       Mazen Abdul-Mahdi Yusuf Ahmed Aciqr

                       Yahya Abdul Amir Abdul-Hussein al-Dujaili

                       Salam Azad Hassan

                       Superficial Mohammad Reza inch

                       Emad Mohammed Hussein Issa Mashat

                       Fadhil Thamir Abdullah al-Rubaie, the guarantor

                       Muhammad Ali Fadel Muhammad Ali al-Rubaie

                       Abbas Jassim Abdullah Ahmad Tamimi

                       Imad Saud thought Mohsen al-Shammari

                       Mohammed Hussein Mohammed Ali Abdul Reda Nasrallah

                       Mohammed Hassan Ghanem al-Tamimi snore

                       Osama Abdul Rahman Mohammed Noman league

                       Safe blessing Thuwaini Mohsen Thuwaini

                       Teresa Mruki Esho Hanna Yousef Hormuz Chiag

                       Khaled Hantoush Sagt Jabr Muhammadawi

                       Kalou Khader Ali Osman Domla

                       Aqeel Mohammed Yusuf Mehdi crows

                       Ali Omar numbness behind Acharkana

                       Twana high Hoshyar Mustafa Ahmed

                       Raed Isaac Matthew David, the Bahu Khadr

                       Amin Mohammed Amin Hama-Saeed

                       Ziad Ahmed Assem

                       Needless Alaa Hussein Radi Mubarak

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