Abadi office: the presence of Marines in combat will reduce our losses



Since 22/03/2016 14:58 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – balances News

Revealed a spokesman for Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi Office, Tuesday, that the number of Marines in Iraq will not exceed the scores, noting that it will contribute significantly to the reduction of the size of losses in the ranks of the Iraqi forces in the coming battles.

The newborn’s / balances News /, “The participation of the Marines in the coming battles in Iraq was not only at the request of the local military leaders,” noting that “their tasks is limited to providing support and backing necessary to Iraqi forces as well as securing the work of the Americans advisors.”

Sabri said, “The number of troops will not exceed the scores, but the government is keen to benefit from the field experience in the coming battles with Daash especially in Mosul liberalization process,” adding that “their tasks did not land.”

He noted that “the presence of these forces will reduce the size of the losses in the ranks of our military.”

A spokesman for the international coalition Steve Warren, nearly 200 soldiers from the US Marine Corps “Marine” troops arrived in Iraq recently. is over

By: Ahmed Zmim




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