World Bank: We have 10 reforms in Iraq, including the rehabilitation of state-owned enterprises

Sunday 20-03-2016 | 2:32:47

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Twilight News World Bank / said on Sunday it had agreed with the Iraqi government on the allocation of part of the loan amounts to reform them, including the rehabilitation of state-owned enterprises.

This came during a meeting between Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji in the ministry building in Baghdad representative Abannlk international expert Arak to Woburn and Lydia Habhab for the purpose of monitoring the loan granted to Iraq as well as the state-owned corporate finance to re-qualify the presence of several officials in the ministry as well as some state ministries other about the possibility of benefit in cooperation with the donor, according to a statement issued by the ministry.

Said Darraji during the meeting, “We need to help the World Bank to support the ministry and formations for the advancement of the industrial reality and also called for the formation of committees to prepare a database containing the number of employees who are on the permanent staffing, contracts and wages,” pointing to “the need to set up a business development centers in companies, attributing that there are companies able to pay the salaries of its members is one of the winning companies from its destination. “

For his part, the delegation told the guest that “the World Bank on economic programs in areas of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Iran, the bank and had been granted Iraq of $ 1 billion and $ 200 at the end of 2015 in support of the budget, which is funded by the Ministry of Finance who is responsible for granting funds for projects that see need it as well as the allocation of part of them for the purpose of the reforms, “noting that” we have ten aspects of the reforms, including the rehabilitation of state-owned companies, these were the deliberations and discussions of interest to the Iraqi government with the World Bank. “