Starting first tanker loaded with liquid gas from Iraq on Sunday


Baghdad-IraqPresse March -19: Iraqi ports Directorate announced on Saturday that the first tanker carrying a cargo of liquid natural gas intensified towards the Red Sea , will be launched on Sunday with Iraqi ports company confirmed that this is the first time that the issue of Iraq where the liquid gas.

She said the Iraqi ports company, in a statement received / Iraq Press / copy of it, “advanced marine cadres will lay the boot and guide the Panamanian tanker specialized Kura, which kicks off on Sunday, from the port of liquid gas on its way towards thesea.”

The statement added, “ The tanker carrying the first shipment of condensed natural gas (c5 plus)”, noting that “ the Iraqi ports will participate in this event because of its expertise in providing safe navigation for the passage of this supertanker safely across Mamratna navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah waterway and Khor AlZubair “.anthy (1)

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