Masum calls congratulating him in Nawrouz to end the suffering of the displaced and abducted Alaesideat


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News called the President Fuad Masum, to congratulate him on the occasion of Nowruz holidays to the need to intensify efforts to end the suffering of the displaced and abducted Alaesideat the Daash gangs.
And the transfer of a presidential statement, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, for Masum said, “with a view of Eid Nowruz extend our warmest congratulations to our people in Kurdistan in particular , and all the Iraqi people, and to all the revelers in the world,” adding , ” have the meanings Semitism have remained for the occasion that this holiday has produced strong motivation for regeneration, as is a strong motivation to be celebrated annually in conjunction withalways the aspiration of the human toward freedom, hope and openness to thespring of life. ”
he added , ” it also strengthened the tradition of celebrating Bnorouz spirit ofpartnership and humanitarian fraternity between human beings and what was more social cohesion in different circumstances , “adding that” this is one of the lessons the value that the holidays are vivid occasions good for harmony and promote love and cooperation between people. ”
He said that” our citizens Kurdish celebrations of Newroz this year amid a painful economic conditions invites us all, officials and authorities, to the consolidation ofcooperation and community values ​​of solidarity so as to enhance the unity of thecommunity on the good values ​​and synergies that was one of the most important reasons for celebration annually Bnorouz. ”
He added that” We hope and we are working very hard to overcome these emergency conditions, as we are all working in Iraq with determination and the will to be our celebrations and our feasts and our lives continue in a safe and stable conditions at a federal democratic Iraq a free, stable and secure. ”
He pointed infallible to” the suffering of the displaced and displaced persons and thekidnappers and hijackers of the Yazidis by Daash terrorist, and to the importance ofintensifying efforts to alleviate the suffering and end to defeat the criminals and thereturn of citizens to their towns and villages are safe and the security and peace . ” .is over

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