International Alliance: “Daash” is currently in a state of “defensive Aljthom”


Khandan – said Colonel Steve Warren, a spokesman for the international coalition against al “Daash” terrorist, the latter in a state of so-called “defensive Aljthom.”

On the success of the international coalition against “Daash” and efforts which will enter its second year, Warren said Network (CNN) Alammerakh: “still Daash dominant force in a number of areas, but we must not forget that they have lost 40 per cent of these areas in Iraq, where they lost Sinjar and Ramadi, Baiji and Tikrit, where we see that Daash in a position to sit defensive as we call it here. “

And a declaration Russia withdraw its troops from Syria, Warren said: “We have not heard already about this and it was a declaration unexpected for us .. We are monitoring the situation at the present time to see if the Russians will what they said they would do, at a time when we are doing our job defeating regulation terrorist. “

He continued Warren: “At the beginning of the Russian intervention, between five to ten per cent of the air strikes were aimed at Daash, however, and since the start of the cessation of hostilities agreement noticed focusing their strikes on the organization.”


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