Stewart Jones: Iraq needs a free and diversified economy


By Shunem Abdullah Khoshnaw
15 minutes ago

 ستيوارت جونز
Stuart Jones

Roudao – Erbil

He said the US ambassador to Baghdad, Stuart Jones, the difficult financial situation that Iraq is going through now, pointing to the country’s need to find a free and diversified economy.

Jones said during his participation in Sulaymaniyah Forum, said that “Iraq is passing through a difficult financial position and Washington gave him a loan for military purposes, valued at $ 2.7 billion,” adding that “part of that loan was allocated for the Peshmerga.”

He said the US ambassador to Baghdad, said that “The United States granted $ 600 million in humanitarian aid for Iraq.”

Jones pointed out that “Iraq needs a free and diversified economy,” noting “the importance of cooperation between the governments in Baghdad and the region in the non-oil economic areas.”

He predicted Jones’ collection of 10 to 15 billion dollars in financial assistance to Iraq, “stressing at the same time that it should be” looking at corruption as a crime and not to be tolerated. “

Iraq has been suffering from a severe economic crisis following a drop in oil prices since 2014, and the prohibitive cost of the military war against the “Islamic State” Daash which controlled large parts of the country, as well as the displacement of millions of citizens from their areas because of the fighting.


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