Mr. al-Sadr called for the protesters to sanity and not to be drawn to provocations and sit for the home

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{Najaf: Euphrates News} described the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, the Green Zone, as a stronghold of support for corruption, and he will pursue other methods is the sit-in, saying “it would be effective for at least sit impact and useful.”

Mr. al- Sadr said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of the protestors, I was “not blood .. .. No retreat no surrender to Asaddam .. .. .. not a weapon to cut off roads .. no .. not attack disobedience responsible for sit – committees .. No corruption .. no spoilers .. not a sectarian .. both to hear rumors .. Yes to organize .. Yes to cooperate with the security forces .. Yes to continue the sit .. Yes to the homeland .. yes to reform , yes to unity .. Yes to sanity. ” 

He added “all of this and others will be constants of the protesters who will be staging a protest sit peacefully in front of the green Zone gates, which is considered a stronghold of support for corruption often, and will not deter us from it any rumors or any threat, Vaatsamna for the home, and will not be harmful to non – spoilers.” 

He continued ” Dear sitters your desired sanity and not to be dragged behind the provocations, Vaatsamna in order to save the nation and not for saddling in the mud of blood, and traced back to scratch .. sit – for the people, and the return of his rights. ” 

He said al- Sadr” Today Natsam in God, and love of the homeland; to show the world Collect over Anillatna, and our organization, and our love for peace, peace, and Taklna in front of all fears, and repudiation of violence .. and when it is said to you Return nor Tatsamua not say a word does not really do, but once we’ve reviewed it, we have fellowship is sit other methods will dazzle all the peace – loving, but and democracy, and it will be active for at least sit impact and useful. ” 

and went” together to be ready for tomorrow with all the material and moral preparations, and our commitment to the full and comprehensive commitment to each security teachings, and administrative and organizational plan you supervisory committee, perhaps sit – long .. and everyone Siatsam you all of the nation and to the world, does not penetrate the souls of doubt, or boredom, and does not preclude Aatsamkm display, or disease, or rumor, or fear, or any worldly something else, even employees who Athlon integrity obliged to sit , but whose hands are iniquity and corruption. ” Ended h

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