Urgent .. the House of Representatives prepares to separate the list of absent members


Tuesday 15-03-2016 | 2:48:52

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Twilight News / instructed the Presidency of the Council of Representatives member Hamoudi, members of the Committee refund smuggled to the meeting in his office tomorrow, stressing that the council will announce this week the names of members who will not be allowed to remain in the Council because of exceeding allowable absences limit.
The face Hamoudi presided over House of Representatives session today, the distribution of thegovernment program for the Prime Minister to parliamentary committees to provide the vision and proposals suitable it, in support of the reforms desired, calling on the Federal Civil Service Council to discuss the names of the candidates on an urgent basis for the purpose of voting onthem in parliament.
He said Hamoudi that there are complaints and objections submitted to the Committee onparliamentary behavior, pointing out that any violation of the permit and the reality of it touches the misuse of the Council or one of its members will be referred to the Committee mentioned, according to the code of conduct of Deputies, adding , “some of the deputies involved in thecampaign determine how the House of Representatives.”

عاجل.. مجلس النواب يجهز قائمة لفصل اعضاء متغيبين