Meeting in Sulaymaniyah Forum will discuss the war on “Daash” and its ideology and after elimination



It embraces the Kurdistan Regional Forum works Sulaymaniyah fourth, where a large number of leaders and political leaders Arabs and Kurds and foreigners will participate.
And they will discuss the meeting at the crossroads of Sulaimaniya, hosted by the Institute for Regional and International Studies at the American University ways to overcome the suffering of citizens, judicial, economic and political conditions in the Middle East countries, especially as the conflict reached a climax of violence and peaceful synchronized with the Arab Spring and the emergence of Daash which should be thinking more seriously about how to draw the right way to move forward in order to achieve reforms.

This forum aims this year to provide suitable for drawing the route of the world on key issues including the war on Daash and ideology and post Daash well as the atmosphere will be a discussion threads Refugees and Migration, and political economy in the region and the sovereignty of states and the new system in the atheist and the twentieth century crisis.


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