Detection of corruption “big” in the customs and taxes



03/14/2016 12:39
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Tomorrow Press / Baghdad:

It revealed a member of the economic and investment commission in Parliament, Nora Albjara, the existence of corruption “big” practiced tax and customs officials at border crossing points in Iraq.

She Albjara in a statement for “tomorrow’s Press,” that “taxes and fees imposed by the government on the staff not only 3% voted on by the House of Representatives, but reached deductions to 7%, which drove out the coercion of employees pockets and forced it.”

She added that “most countries in the world when it imposes taxes in return offers service to the citizen, but in Iraq the only country after all the prosperity and wasting billions address the crisis on the employee and the expense of the citizen.”

She noted that “the tax imposed by the government on the citizen and the border crossing points, but customs officers engaged in operations of a major corruption and take the money to their own pockets and not go back to the state,” she wondered, “Where you go the money that the government has imposed taxes and levies”.

She called Albjara, the Ministry of Finance to “monitor border crossings and customs and taxes,” asserting that “the government does not control the border crossings and on the tax to the presence of manipulation by staff and checkpoints that are out their pockets and not to the state.


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