Sadr calls for protesters to picket in front of the Green Zone gates


Khandan – called the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, the demonstrators to sit in front of the Green Zone gates until the end of the 45-day deadline set by the government to implement reforms.

Sadr said in a statement, “In the beginning I salute the heroes of protesters who demonstrated in Tahrir Square, with courage and constancy and determination to reform, Vdzohm good God reward those who do good, and I salute all the security forces that were hand in hand with the demonstrators, and they were a watchful eye for their safety, and ask God to prove their feet and make them victorious on the wrongdoers. “

He said al-Sadr, “and then draw the historical this appeal to every Iraqi Sharif for love and reform, but a lover of Iraq and the Iraqis, to rise up to start a new phase of peaceful protests popular … stage other than to pretend, to begin a new stage you are doing sit-in front of the Green Zone gates until the end of the period contributions, I mean 45 days. “

He continued by saying al-Sadr “Fastta and organized business, and to unite in order to establish a peaceful sit-in tents, this is your day to root out corruption and the corrupt from their roots and rid the world of telecom fragmentation stray misleading.”

The following is the text of the statement: –

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