More than 100 representatives of civil society are participating in a conference on civil peace and national reconciliation


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[Where-Baghdad] More than 100 representatives of civil society organizations, including organizations that focus on women and youth empowerment, at a conference on ” the establishment of civil peace and thesocial coexistence”

A statement from the UN mission UNAMI received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the conference discussed how to promote the active participation of civil Lmojtma in political and community reconciliation and thefight against racial and sectarian discrimination on the basis of areas, and the extent of its contribution to the promotion of national reconciliation and social peace. The Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary -General General of the United Nations in Iraq , Giorgi Posten participants stressing that ” the crucial role ofcivil society in creating an enabling environment for the promotion and consolidation of reconciliation values ​​in the society and emphasized that the United Nations continues to support Iraqi efforts to achieve national reconciliation.” He praised the Deputy Special Representative of the United Nations to re – establish the Office of Affairs women in the national reconciliation Commission , adding that the office would be a way to facilitate the participation of women in the payment of the reconciliation process in line with the commitment set out in Security Council resolution 1325. he said , “My firm belief is that reconciliation will not take more vital dimension only through the full participation of civil society and their involvement in initiatives respond to the challenges posed by the complex reality in Iraq. He added that the partnership with civil society, bring added value, particularly in the areas after the liberation of Daash] where you need to quickly address thehumanitarian problems and displacement. in his speech at the conference stressed the Prime Minister ‘sAdvisor for reconciliation national Mohammed Salman al – Saadi, the strategic role of civil society organizations in advancing a comprehensive national reconciliation and acceptable process. It should be noted that the conference was organized in conjunction with the Committee on the implementation and follow – up to the Office for national reconciliation and the UN mission, and a generous contribution from theGovernments of Germany and the Netherlands , according to the statement.

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