Jubouri looking with security officials in the region, the ongoing preparations for the Liberation of Mosul


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri met in Arbil on Saturday, Barzani of the Kurdistan region’s security council adviser, and the Minister of Interior of the province Karim Sinjari separately Bages security developments and preparations for liberalization of Mosul.
A statement by the Office of the al – Jubouri said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today , “al – Jubouri and Barzani review developments in the security situation and the importance of joint coordination ,especially during the current interim, where House Speaker stressed the need tounite all efforts to combat terrorism in all its forms and to accelerate the liberalization of the entire land that controlled by regulation Daash terrorist. ”
Asha said , ” al – Jubouri also discussed with the Minister of interior of the Kurdistan region Karim Sinjari displaced file and ways of joint coordination in order to continue their support and carrying out relief in addition to the facilities provided for them, as the meeting discussed the liberalization of Nineveh province, plans and ongoing preparations file coordination of all parties represented by the security forces and the Peshmerga forces and the sons of the tribes. ”
The Jubouri had arrived today to Arbil to meet with Kurdish officials discussed thepolitical and security files .anthy

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