Abadi regains Real Estate Green Zone from the hands of senior officials



03/09/2016 20:29
Tomorrow Press / Baghdad:
Parliamentary sources revealed on Wednesday, issuing orders to restore Abadi Real Estate Green Zone granted by his predecessor, Nouri al-Maliki for a number of associates and influential politicians.

The sources for “tomorrow’s Press,” that “many of the homes and condominiums seized by a number of ministers and deputies, agents and general managers in addition to consultants and employees of the three presidencies.”

The sources said, “Abadi face a number of legal finding exits to restore Real Estate region,” adding that “all those who got the bonds paid a significant portion of the amounts set by the previous government.”

Sources from within the parliament, on Tuesday, for questioning several parliamentary committees, the Mahdi Keywords, director of the Office of the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, in the “secret” session, against the backdrop of issuing books in violation of Iraqi laws and decisions, including those related to real estate state, and deduct the salaries of deputies and staff for the second half of last year.


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