Political moves to keep the “old guard” for the leadership of the National Alliance


Tuesday, March 8, 2016 16:53

Political moves to keep the "old guard" for the leadership of the National Alliance

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. informed sources revealed, that there is grumbling wide prevail large number of members of the National Alliance and the party base after the great failure of the Gulf coalition leaders and especially with regard to government performance for members of the government cabin belonging to a coalition headed by the Prime Minister.

The sources told / Baghdadi News / “A group of members of the coalition have started a movement to explore the possibility of repairing the performance of the national political alliance, but they were shocked persistently coalition leaders to proceed with the current performance, and their unwillingness to give up their positions and privileges even if it came against the interest of the country the expense of the reputation of the National Alliance which is a symbol of Shiite political performance. ”

He added that “this group and after seeing the reaction of leaders of blocs within the coalition, they began a movement in order to keep these leaders for the leadership of the Alliance platform to save what can be saved of the reputation of the Shiite political performance, giving Shiite governance model.”

The sources indicated that “this group is found in the mobility of cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, a way to keep these leaders or the so called (the old guard) from the helm of the alliance, but they are preparing the dimensions of these is the beginning of true and real way to reform and reconciliation with the grass-roots parties of the National Alliance.”

She said, “would push the old guard to end the ongoing controversy Thirteen years ago on the subordination of some parties of the National Alliance for the regional party or another international party, and thus keep a bad image of the unwanted images plaguing the real image of the alliance.”

The sources pointed out that “the rise of a new generation of young leaders to the top of the pyramid of the coalition of special characters that lived in various stages of conditions in Iraq and did not leave it earlier, will give more credibility and realism to the performance of the coalition and thus reflect positively on the overall situation in Iraq.”

She said, “This group got rid of the fear that was Iaterha of the influence of the leaders of the coalition that emerged after the Iraqi masses to save these leaders openly bypassing the sacredness which was suggested by the leaders on the way to work.”

And see this group, according to Almassadraly “The golden opportunity offered by the demonstrations for change to achieve this endeavor and the dimensions of the old guard that caused the failure of the political process in Iraq, and brought the country to the brink of collapse” .anthy 21 / d

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