CNN: The Killing of Minister of War Daash Abu Omar Chechen


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Since 03/09/2016 00:36 pm (Baghdad time)

CNN: The Killing of Minister of War Daash Abu Omar Chechen

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News Network (CNN) television news US officials as saying that the United States is trying to determine whether a senior member of the organization Daash, Abu Omar al- Chechen, was killed in an air strike targeting him lately.
The network said that the air strike carried out on Friday the fourth of a March near the Syrian town of Shaddadi.

The United States has offered a reward of up to five million dollars reward for information about Chechen, who officials said was the Minister of War already in the organization.

The Chechen, which announced his death more than once previous military operations, the news was not proved later, a member of the Georgian army before joining the action in the ranks of extremist groups.

And implement “international coalition” raids against Daash in Syria, especially in the province of Raqqa, which a senior US military officer said today, “The coalition does not plan currently to recover from the terrorist organization.

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