A global conference to discuss banking services in Iraq


3/7/2016 0:00

 BAGHDAD Mustafa al – Hashemi
held on Monday , the third World Conference and Exhibition on the financial and banking services in Iraq (Iraq Finance 2016) and lasts for two days in the capital Albannaanh Beirut.
, Said Ahmed Al Jader representative Szimksko company in Iraq organized theconference in a statement »Sabah»: The Conference financial Iraq, which is being held under the auspices of the Central Bank of Iraq, is the international event leading an opportunity open dialogue between Iraqi government officials and decision – makers with the investors in the financial services industry and local such as banks and banks operating in Iraq and international companies seeking to develop its work in the local financial markets. He explained that this conference will facilitate the opportunity for professionals and foreign investors for the development of the banking sector in Iraq by providing combining banks and international companies a platform to communicate with decision – makers and the Iraqi banks and the exchange of ideas and experiences, as well as providing the opportunity for business deals for the development of the banking business in the country, the fact that banks play a role president in the development of the Iraqi economy through the transformation of the economic challenges to investment opportunities. And transfer Agadiran executive director of global company smart card to card « the main sponsor and a leading financial conference of Iraq in 2016» , which provides electronic payment services in Iraq Baha Abdul Hadi as saying that our participation in this important event will give us the opportunity to engage in dialogue and constructive exchanges of views as well as many banks and local businesses that will contribute to and actively in the conference.



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