One thought on “PM Haider Al Abadi- Facebook

  1. So what law is prevailing in Iraq Now Mr Prim Minster,have a look around you and tell the Iraqi people about the Chaos you and your government and eight years of distraction and pillaging that Iraq suffered at the hands of your predecessor Mr Almaliky and the Dawa party,the country Mr is Lawless run by Militia and Army their loyalty is to Iran rather than Iraq,people get arrested and imprisoned,tortured,then die or executed,there are videos released by your Army and you popular crowds as you call them showing a barbaric tortures and slaughtering of people(not animals ,Humans) while shouting Ali wiak Ali and other Sectarian slogans,may be you should view them yourself so you will know what is the law of the jungle prevails mean, these are classified as war crime Mr PM and by international Law you are responsible about it because you are the Commander in Chief which makes you accountable for such a War crimes


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