Financial Conference kicks off today in Beirut, Iraq



Since 2016-03-07 at 10:50 (GMT)

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Held on Monday the third Global Conference and exhibition on financial banking services in Iraq (Iraq Finance 2016) and lasts for two days in the capital allbnainh.

And financial conference sponsored by the Iraq Central Bank, is the leading international event provides the opportunity to open dialogue between Iraqi Government officials and decision makers with investors in the financial services industry as banks and international banks and companies operating in Iraq who seek to develop their work in local financial markets.

It is likely that the Conference will facilitate the opportunity for specialists and foreign investors to develop the banking sector in Iraq by providing platform combining banks and global corporations to communicate with decision-makers and Iraqi banks and the exchange of ideas and experiences, as well as providing the opportunity for trade deals to develop banking in the country, the fact that the banks play a key role in the development of the Iraqi economy through economic challenges to investment opportunities. ended October 29 d 24



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