Biden: We have to Nasr heart “Daash” to eliminate him


Khandan – announced by US Vice President Joe Biden of Abu Dhabi, said that Washington “the era of the heart” organize “Daash” terrorist in Iraq and Syria in order to eliminate it completely.

Biden said as he addressed hundreds of US military in a US air base in the United Arab Emirates on Monday, “We have to Nasr heart Daash in Iraq and Syria to prevent them from blowing their toxins in the region and around the world.”

He said US Vice President, “This battle will take a long time, but we are determined to fight until we eliminate this evil, and we will eliminate him.”

Biden had been rejected earlier in his visit to the United Arab Emirates following the military means to end the war in Syria, and called for a political transition.

Said Vice President of the newspaper “The National,” the UAE’s English-language “This should be clear to all. So we continue to strive towards a political solution, whatever the difficulties.”

He told the newspaper the UAE, “he said a political solution between the parties is the only way to end the violence and give the Syrian people the chance they deserve for the reconstruction of his country, and to establish collector system and a non-sectarian and credible, and to enact a new constitution and hold free and fair elections.”


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