Agree to postpone the payment of US $ 2.7 billion worth of military equipment purchased by Iraq of America


Sun, 06 Mar 2016 09:55:52


BAGHDAD – observer news
The US embassy in Baghdad said on Sunday that her country’s approval to delay repayment of $ 2.7 billion worth of military equipment had Eshrha Iraq.

According to a statement issued by the embassy in Baghdad: that special presidential envoy Brett Macgork visited Iraq for meetings with senior government and Iraqi security officials and representatives of the United Nations.

The statement added that the meetings may also addressed the economic challenges facing Iraq and how the United States is taking to help Iraq to overcome these challenges under the Strategic Framework Agreement signed between the two countries started.
The statement pointed to allow Iraq to postpone the repayment of $ 2.7 billion dollars worth of US military abacus so as to enable the Iraqi forces to speed up its military operations in the coming months.


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