Iraq ranks second as the largest buyer of weapons in the past year


Khandan – Iraq occupied during the fiscal year 2014/2015 the second largest in the world countries importing arms; it was Bill Gross Iraq’s purchase of weapons to US $ 7.3 billion, came Brazil in third place as the largest buyer of weapons globally over the past year, bill of US $ 6.5 billion, Brazil was the main importer of the Swedish-made fighter jets in the past year.

South Korea came in first place worldwide as the largest buyer of the weapon, as the total value of bills paid by the purchase of weapons in Korea last year amounted to US $ 7.8 billion; as a result of the continuation of the state of security tension with its northern neighbor.

Reimbursement South Korea out of the value of some US $ 7 billion for the producers of arms Americans during the past year to become the first customer for the complex American military industrialization, especially combat and transport helicopters and support systems their own helicopters, as well as aircraft drones and systems developed by the American production survey, as news agency “the Middle East,” he said.

In general, the global arms market transaction volume reached during the 2014/2015 a total of 71.8 billion US dollars, while it reached 1.70 billion dollars in the year 2013/2014, which refers to the continuation of the steady rise in the growth of the global arms market.

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