International Alliance: 30 000 fighters to attack the Mosul


Khandan – A spokesman for the international coalition forces led by the United States, announced on Saturday that 30 thousand of Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga forces were preparing to attack the city of Mosul for wrested from the grip of the “Daash” terrorist, likely there are more than 10 thousand element “Daash” within the city.

Said Col. Christopher Garver, at a press conference in Washington, he said that the Iraqi military command expects to recoup the connector end of the year, but he also said “it is still on the US forces to put their estimates are the other.”

He described Iraq Carver estimates the restoration of Mosul time that estimate is optimistic, noting that between 8 to 12 Iraqi brigade and two brigades of the Peshmerga decided to participate in the battle.

Carver said, that “the Iraqis are still in the process of developing the plan and will be discussed and the US role in supporting this plan is currently looking at ways to speed up the coalition timetable for military operations,” he was quoted by the new ‘Arab newspaper’.

The American officer explained the situation in Mosul, saying that elements Daash “they are deported to their families outside Mosul and paying salaries less to their fighters, due to attack US forces financial institutions to oil.”


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