US sources: Elite Forces are about to start their operations in Iraq


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familiar with the preparations undertaken by the American elite forces sources revealed that the mission is about to begin in Iraq against al Daash, and they are ready.
The sources pointed to the US news network CNN that the troops had spent the past seven weeks in basic training accommodation housing units safe and the establishment of information networks and coordination with theIraqi forces and the Peshmerga, in the same strategy used by the special forces in the past in Iraq and Afghanistan.
At the time rejected it officials at the US Department of defense [Pentagon] to provide additional details on this task, where Colonel Chris Garver told reporters: “when we are ready to announce this important Snalmkm this, and I have no comment on the operations or areas where these operations will be at the present time . ” .
the US Secretary of defense Ashton Carter said on Monday that the alliance , which the United States led in theface of the organization Daash expected to supply the Iraqi forces additional forms of support in the battle of therestoration of the city of Mosul.
the US military ‘s intelligence chief Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart said in a 10 February / February , “we can start thecampaign against Mosul and do some operations.”
He described a spokesman for the international coalition Colonel Steven Warren in the second of this month battle to liberate Mosul that it would be “bloody , ” adding that ” the role of the alliance in the battle will be theonly air support.”
He revealed that ” one of the things that we work closely with the Iraqi government is how can we believe theborder with Syria , and we have implemented air strikes would prevent Daash from moving there , “adding that” asmall private uS force will come to support the Iraqi forces to secure the border between Iraq and Syria in theevent of Iraqi government ‘s request so the task of intelligence gathering and perhaps do some raids against Daash in order to prevent members of the organization to cross the border and this is after a request from Baghdad as well. “


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