Parliament will vote tomorrow on imports of municipal law and presents the names of deputies



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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} House of Representatives will vote at its scheduled to be held tomorrow, Tuesday, the draft Law on Municipalities and imports, and displays the names of the deputies and was named the latter limit is exhausted holidays. “
According to a statement of the Council and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that ” the agenda of the meeting No. {12} Tuesday {1} March 2016 includes a vote on a draft imports Municipalities Act, also includes considering the appeals filed on the membership of some of the MPs health, and display a blog parliament behavior regarding what comes out of the behaviors or actions or matters relating to convention parliamentarian, will also be absent display names and names reached the final limit is exhausted holidays. ”
He noted that” the meeting also include the first reading of the draft law onratification financial agreement relating to a loan of the World Bank submitted to theLaw Republic of Iraq , dated on 02.03.2014., and includes a discussion of a bill defining the mandates of the three presidencies report. ”
and he finished the table also includes the report and discuss the draft law onratification agreement on economic and technical cooperation between theGovernment of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the State of Kuwait law, noting that” the time the session begins ten in the morning , “.anthy

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