Mr. Sadr calls on the government to pay attention to the danger posed to Baghdad



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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} ordered the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr Brigades peace {} Baghdad Brigade that they are ready to defend the capital, stressing that “Aldaashah attacks would not delay our project reformist calling on the government to take notice of the looming danger in Baghdad.”
Mr. Sadr said in response to a question to him about {try the forces of evil that sends erroneous and confusing message to the residents of Baghdad that security is not okay and that Baghdad could be jeopardized at any moment through the intimidation of residents in the outskirts of the capital terrorist operations} , saying that the”reform project jihadist to protect Iraq and Baghdad must continue and have warned of the danger in Baghdad often did not have permission conscious and today I call on the Baghdad Brigade of the peace Brigades to be on standby and waiting for it todefend her but this did not deter us from the government ‘s political reforms , and we will keep demanding radical reforms for each party and the dimensions sectarian stealth for Iraq. ”
He stressed that” such Aldaashah attacks would not delay our project will not be such a useful attack for corrupt ward off reform and the current government to take notice of the danger posed to Baghdad , rather than have to collect the money and I hope the Iraqi army valiant security forces defending Baghdad every inch in Iraq. ”
the terrorist gangs Daash separate attacks carried out in the district of Abu Ghraib ,west of Baghdad, while security forces killed four suicide bombers and trapping 20 terrorists in the silo Khan Dhari west of the capital , mostly foreign nationals , ” .anthy

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