Deputy for the National: Parliament we will be forced to terminate positions managed by proxy


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP for full-Zaidi said the National Alliance, “we will be forced by clicking the House of Representatives on the government; for the purpose of ending the positions managed by proxy.”
He said al – Zaidi told {Euphrates News} on Sunday, said that ” the government is the reluctance of the end positions managed by proxy file, and their job to persons qualified.”
And that ” the agency file was the result of struggling with the political blocs to these positions, Vookl Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi some of the characters to fill this government positions. ”
he continued saying that” the parliament speaker when put end positions managed by proxy file, this did not come from a vacuum; because this file was discussed with the President and the Prime Minister; for the purpose of ending it quickly. ”
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Mr. Ammar al – Hakim said in more than one occasion the need for commitment and political commitments in the state -building, and the completion of the State administration proxy file, indicating that thewrong approach agencies and the government, will not appease or compromise on our project.
It was several parties and political blocs have rejected the appointment method acting government institutions , demanding an end to proxy administration in all aspects of the state. Ended h

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