Parliamentary Legal calls for the integration of the former regime confiscated funds law in the parliament’s agenda


Khandan – Parliamentary Legal Committee called attention to the need for a law to confiscate the former regime’s money and put it on the agenda of the House of Representatives to read it and vote on it.

She said a member of the parliamentary legal committee Ibtisam al-Hilali that “the confiscation of money from the former regime of important laws the law and should pay attention to it and put it on the agenda, to read it and discuss and then vote on it.”

She Hilali Speaking to the newspaper “New Morning” that “do not put the law on the agenda of the House of Representatives agenda caused some of the beneficiaries of the lack of approval on the grounds that the former regime is gone and should his money a whole back to the state treasury for blessed by the people especially in difficult economic circumstance experienced by the country. “

And he showed a member of the parliamentary legal, that “the Commission should provide the law during the next legislative term to finish it in a campaign parliament to pass important laws, including the confiscation of the dictatorial regime funds law.”

She explained that “the dictatorial regime has a lot of real estate, institutions, companies and buildings and bank balances at the inside and outside Iraq and there are fake and secret networks for holders of these properties and their owners,” pointing out that “all these properties and assets can not be accessible only means legal and banking procedures that are compatible with international systems and procedures in banks in the world for this, the enactment of this law will not allow anyone to manipulating this property or transfer of ownership for the benefit of people who have worked with the former regime and its organs of repression and limits put their hand out, especially that part of it was the property of the citizens and then used by the former regime and seized must at this time it back to them or compensate them with money. “

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