Nechirvan Barzani renewed readiness to deliver the oil region to Baghdad in exchange for the payment of salaries


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[Oan- Baghdad]
new President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, the region is ready to deliver oil to the federal government, if they committed themselves to the prime minister, Haidar al – Abbadi, sending theregion salaries.
Said Nechirvan Barzani, told reporters, after the end of the Kurdistan Democratic Party leadership council meeting on Saturday that he ” was decided at the meeting to send all party branches proposals on thenecessary mechanisms for the implementation of reforms in the party to the Democratic leadership of theKurdistan within a week , ” he said , adding that for government reforms, the there is a special mechanism to be applied.
on the bombing of the export of the Kurdistan region ‘s oil to Turkey tube, Barzani said , “there is a military operation in the border, we can not stress the pipe bombing or not, but what we can confirm is that there has punctured the pipe to steal oil, but I can not Confirmation that it has bombed or pierced is the PKK. ”
he stressed that stopping the export of oil impact on revenues territory, following” certainly affect the revenues the region, but we have issued a decision to initiate the employees ‘ salaries for the month ofFebruary distribution, and we will abide by all the promises made. ” with
regard to the political affairs of the Kurdistan region, Barzani said, “we asked to sit with other parties, including the change, but they are not ready for that, knowing that we are happy sitting there with us, and without it there would be no progress , ” adding: “we have ongoing meetings with the Patriotic Union ofKurdistan ( PUK ) , including a meeting next week on this subject, and can be resolved by the Kurdistan Regional problems in the framework of institutions and parties in it. ”
on what he said Abadi ‘s willingness to pay the province salaries versus funniest oil, Riss Kurdistan Regional Government , said:” If they really guarantee Send the Kurdistan region of salaries , amounting to about 850 billion dinars, we certainly will deliver any oil present in the Kurdistan region of them. ”

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