Abadi calls for achieving societal security .. launched by the UN-sponsored reconciliation roadmap


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Abadi calls for achieving societal security .. launched by the UN-sponsored reconciliation roadmap

27-02-2016 03:45 PM

The chairman of the Iraqi parliament Saleem al-Jubouri, on Saturday, announced the launch of a road map for national reconciliation under the auspices of the United Nations, stressing that the UN role must be substantially in the reconciliation due to its experience in conflict resolution.
And an extended conference held today to community reconciliation in Iraq under the auspices of the United Nations, and the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the Speaker of Parliament, and a representative of the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, political, religious, and tribal Iraqi toast.
Jubouri said, during a speech at a conference of national reconciliation and community, which was held under the auspices of the United Nations Development Program in Baghdad, he said that the sensitivity of some Iraqi political parties of reconciliation projects put forward by the Arab, regional and international parties, paying recourse to the United Nations to remove this fumbling.
He pointed out that coordination with the International Organization resulted in reaching a raised through a national reconciliation roadmap includes several points, notably, officially announced regarded as 2016 years of community coexistence, and harness all available resources to accomplish it, and re-displaced to the liberated cities from the control of the organization (Daash), work hard to end all armed manifestations and limiting arms possession state.
And the Speaker of Parliament, that the ‘new road map calls on the Iraqi government to rapidly proceed to conduct ministerial reforms announced earlier, in response to public demands’, calling on the media supported the project of reconciliation and away from programs and reports that give rise to sectarian strife.
He condemned al-Jubouri, ‘sectarian and ethnic incitement operations carried out by some parties to achieve narrow interests’, praising the role of religious and tribal institutions in thwarting such operations.
For his part, al-Abadi confirmed, he would not allow the security of the institution to enter into political disputes between the blocs and parties, noting that the task of the security forces is to protect civilians and society and not political forces.

He called Al-Abbadi, during a speech at the Conference itself, to achieve societal security, which will lead to stop the killing and terrorism, pointing to ‘the existence of a regional race on Iraq, and a large media effort to entrap among Iraqis. “
In contrast, the announced ‘national coalition’, which is led by former Vice President Iyad Allawi, for a boycott of the reconciliation conference.
Said the head of the National Coalition parliamentary, Kadhim al-Shammari, said that national reconciliation is the basis of the spirit that emerged from his coalition, which called him Allawi on more than one occasion, he said, adding that the last phase proved to delay the reconciliation project, access the country into further ruin, destruction and displacement.
He continued: ‘I do not come true reconciliation words delivered by political leaders on the platforms, and followed by applause the audience’, pointing out that the societal coexistence requires enactment of new laws in the legislative and executive branches, cancel collective punishments, such as accountability and justice (de-Baathification), and check all government duties to the Iraqis in various spectrum without discrimination.

– See more at: https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=search&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ar&u=http://www.ikhnews.com/index.php%3Fpage%3Darticle%26id%3D143652&usg=ALkJrhidlCMUNXf_hxtdu-uGQC4omQXM-g#sthash.ZEb9Zjlq.dpuf

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